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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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IDW Comics Revisited - Main Series #2 · 2:14am September 18th

So after the first comic started things off on a fairly promising (if now somewhat rocky) a start there was naturally pressure on the comics to keep it up and perhaps do even better. But many regard this as the first of many stumbling blocks for the comics, even back when this is the only other one to go on. Considering I found the first comic to have not aged the greatest (though still ultimately enjoyable) has time made this second issue any better or just made it worse? Well, let's find out.

We begin with Twilight revealing that the egg object she obtained in the previous issue is a map, and she's managed to already chart a course through the Macintosh Hills and the Appleloosan Mountains to go through a wilderness area that leads to the changeling kingdom. Time is of the essence since they have only three days to rescue the CMC. Rainbow Dash proposes going over the mountain instead of through it as she thinks it'll be faster that way, but Applejack and Twilight insist on going through the mountain since not everyone can fly (overlooking that they could have Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy carry the non-flyers up the mountain and down the other side). They then head into the cave as Twilight tempts fate.

The ponies are soon set upon by a cave troll (after Pinkie picks up a skull of an unknown creature) who wants to add the ponies to his collection of toys (which include a magic eight ball, a variation of an Optimus Prime action figure and a rubic's cube). Rainbow and Fluttershy are abducted and styled up by the troll, while Rarity uses Pinkie Pie to help create stone replicas of the mane six for the cave troll to use instead of the ponies. This is resolved pretty easily and Twilight believes they're halfway through the mountain already.

Chrysalis observes this through her own crystal ball as the CMC continue to be obnoxious and seemingly unconcerned about their situation. Chrysalis then decides to send some of her changelings to mess with the mane six by causing a cave in. When the cave in starts Twilight tries to insist that everyone stay together but the gang is separated into three groups: Applejack and Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie and Twilight and Fluttershy. And remember how everyone hated "The Mean Six" for its use of the typical misunderstandings caused by imposters/evil clones? Well this comic was the original and did it long before "The Mean Six" would even be thought of. It's even more jarring here because the mane six somehow can't overhear each other as they work through the caves yet they can overhear the clones just fine. And when they all meet up near the cave exit they're all at each other's throats without ever realizing they didn't say what they're accusing each other of saying.

All the bickering is only broken up by the presence of a giant spider who alongside an army of smaller spiders quickly ties up four of the mane six, leaving only Pinkie and Twilight to battle it. Pinkie seems to get an idea and runs away, leaving Twilight to fight the giant spider on her own. She blasts it with her magic but the spider isn't affected outside of getting a black eye. Fortunately, Pinkie returns with the cave troll from earlier who takes the spider away to make it part of his collection, and she reveals that the troll is actually named Jim (perhaps a reference to Big Jim Miller). She then has the others freed and they all get out of the cave in one piece.

But then Applejack gets furious with Twilight for suggesting they go through the mountain instead of over it, despite Applejack being on board with it. She demands the map and then she and Rarity decide to go it alone, while Twilight decides to just storm off and take Fluttershy with her, leaving Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash stranded without a map in the middle of an unfamiliar location. All the while Chrysalis is delighted at this prospect and reassures herself that she can put up with the CMC's antics for three more days.

And that's the story, so what do I think of the issue? Time has not been kind to it at all, this was "The Mean Six" years before we'd actually get it, and it's "Plot Mandated Friendship Failure" at its very worst. It's so cliche and so predictable, and it makes no sense for it to crop up again after the battle with the giant spider when the mane six all clearly put aside their differences in order to help each other out. The first half isn't bad, the battle with the cave troll and how its resolved is done well. I even like the idea of Chrysalis being able to eavesedrop on the mane six without them knowing it. It's the second half where it all falls apart. There's good artwork and some good jokes, but good humor can't always save a weak story and this is one of those cases. If you're really interested in this comic or want to own the entire arc this is part of, pick it up otherwise I'd say you can probably skip it.

And there you have it, come back tomorrow when we'll take another look at Main Series #3, the one that everyone says is where the comics started to show how dark they could be.

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