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Weaver of stories of action, drama, love, sex and a loyal knight of the Sunset Empire! Hail to the phoenix empress! Sunlight & Sundagio are # 1

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  • 14 weeks
    In need of a proofreader

    I wanna get back into story writing but I need someone or a few people to help me with proofreading.

    If you are a fan of my work and want to help me? DM me and we can discuss terms and conditions.

    Please don't waste my time, I have no intention to waste yours

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  • 32 weeks

    Yes I know it has been awhile. A lot has gone on and I've been taking my time adjusting but every time I turn around something else happens. Currently working as many hours as I can during the week which leaves me often times mentally and physically exhausted. I have had the urge in the past few weeks I would say to get back into writing and with my birthday and Halloween coming up the muse is a

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  • 69 weeks
    Love Month: Ship Story Time

    I've been trying to get back into the swing of things but it's just been constant work but I feel the month of love is probably a good a time as any to try and come back. SO which ship would ya'll like me to focus on the MOST. The ship with the most comments wins.

    1. Adagio x Sunset

    2. Sunset x Sci-Twi(Princess Twi for Twi-Angel? maybe)

    3. Adagio x Rarity

    4. Pinkie x Sunset

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  • 73 weeks
    New Story Poll: What anime would the Equestria girls like?

    I am plotting out a new series of stories, the basic premise is going to be each of the Equestria girls enjoying a different anime or being in an anime like scenario. So I want to get feedback from all of you on which anime you think that would fit the girls the best. I have a couple of draft ideas like the following

    Sunset & Pinkie watch Uzaki-chan wants to hang out

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  • 83 weeks
    Halloween Story ideas

    I wanna try and get back into the swing of things and after a scare of my laptop being broken this morning, I figured a Halloween themed story would be a good idea. So I have a few ideas in mind, you all just need to vote and tell me which you wanna see the most. It'll be a one shot story so don't expect too much

    Humane 7 go trick or treating with the CMC

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Send me birthday Money(Trying to order my PS5 early) · 2:12am Sep 17th, 2020

I have been busting my ass trying to stay sane and work during this pandemic and if there is ONE thing that would make this all worth it would be getting a PS5 for my birthday. The system drops November 12th and my birthday is on the 3rd. I am asking for the money now because pre-orders are gonna be all over the place.

I already have $350 saved towards the system and my mom is gonna be sending me money too. I just wanna make sure I have enough. Link to my paypal below. Send only what you can and don't feel bad if you can't send anything. I plan to get back into writing soon it's just been hard what with work and things.


DM me if you send anything or comment down below. Thank you all for sticking by me this entire time. Having people who still enjoy my work is a blessing. Hope you are all staying safe

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Comments ( 6 )

sorry dude. but i can't. i need all the pennies i have to get through in life.

hey here is something that might make it up from me.
it might be also fun to see the reaction of both sunny and twi.

dude every one is short on money right now

begging your fans to buy you a console is kinda not ok

and guess what its sold out already consoles are always sold out with in minutes of going up for pre order

Yeah see that's why I said you don't have to if you can't afford to. It isn't an obligation. 😒 Just saying I could use the help considering I have worked during this entire pandemic without any help whatsoever.

And yeah I am fully aware the pre-orders are all gone at the moment. Thanks for making me more depressed about it that fact. 😒😢

its just there are more important things than a game console right now people are loosing there homes

people cant get food

and seeing you basically beg your fans for money when others are suffering far worse upsets me

I mean if it upsets you that much you can leave. All I did was ask for support when no one else will support me.

People gotta make ends meet and that's why I gave them the option. I can make the money myself I'm just trying to get help so it isn't so damn hard cause no one gives a shit to help me.

So again.

Thanks for making me more depressed than I was already. Big help. 😒

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