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hey paisanos! I am just an italian stallion who writes grimdark shit. but don't take me too seriously lol.

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  • 135 weeks

    Took a brief overview of the changed story. Noticed a lot of bad grammar and spelling. decided to delete. will Edit spelling and maybe change some things like an clopping Italian George Lucas. Then reupload. I would rather it not stay up embarrassing my English teacher for any longer than strictly required.

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  • 135 weeks
    Changing name.

    I am changing the name of one of my stories so that it better fits the content.

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  • 148 weeks
    friendship can't steel beams.

    20 years ago today, 10 year old me, saw the towers come down. I was close enough to smell the dust and hear the sound of concrete smashing into the ground.

    And 20 years later I am sitting in my underwear, drinking mouthwash and writing MLP porn about the sexual victimisation of the mentally subnormal. Some wounds never heal.

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  • 173 weeks
    Tough crowd...

    Oh you like gangbangs followed by hanging, but there is some big taboo about the sexual victimization of the mentally disabled.

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  • 178 weeks
    A tragic missed opportunity.

    Note to self: The next time that my writing happens to include griffon semen - I must make sure that I refer to it as "birdseed".

    for example.
    "Gideon the griffon smiled even as a final string of birdseed slowey dripped from the tip of his pecker onto the shag carpet"

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Drawing a line in the sand, this far and no futher! · 1:31am Sep 17th, 2020

Today, I make a proclamation, a promise, and statement of intent.

let it be known to all - in this or any other land, that while there is still breath in my body I shall never use the term "Mare-cum" in any written work. or so help me god.

suck it down.

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