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Chapter 18 of Desperados is up, and woo, wrote one chapter in one day! · 8:18am Sep 16th, 2020

so I've been getting a lot of writing done lately and just finished chapter 42! probably the most high action set of chapters I have written so far, it a long fight with raiders, lots of fun and some horror.

It's been fun and has helped distract me form the failed state I live in, also called Californian. Yes I had red sky's for a few days, and the smoke has been so think that everything smells like a barbicu if I don't close all the windows, forcing me t live with stuffy air. I have also been set to flee my house of the fires get over here... so much joy. On the bright side we had a one day heat wave, the smoke in the sky was so think that it cooled everything down.

Well it's looking like things will go back to normal soon, and I should look for work, like seriously I need to get moving again. when that happen I'll probably slow down on my writing, but at least I have a huge backlog of chapters, so don't worry about any delay. Also I'll probably get some art out sometime soon, have a few sketches of the main cast and their guns.

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