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Sunset Twiangle song · 3:47pm Sep 13th, 2020

Saw this on DB:
(Here's the original post on the artist's Twitter. Give it some love if you like their work.)

Thought of this song from classic Sesame Street:

And came up with parody lyrics for Sunset's situation.

Oh I’m betwe-e-e-en, I’m betwe-e-e-en
And I’m floating like I'm in a dre-ea-am.
Oh I’m between, you know what I mean,
I’m happy as a queen, since I’m between.

Oh there's a scholar on my left side!
*kiss kiss kiss*
And a princess on my right!
*kiss kiss kiss*
They both make me so happy!
*kiss kiss kiss*
My heart is full of light!

Oh I’m between, and it’s so keen
And something that I never had foreseen.
Me being between.
Me being betwe-e-e-e-en.

First this one snuggles till I’m swooning,
*hug hug hug*
That one nuzzles till I’m red,
*hug hug hug*
I didn't want to hurt them,
*hug hug hug*
They said they’d share instead.

Oh I’m between, know what I mean
The boys are so jealous it’s obscene
That I'm betwe-e-e-en.
That I'm betwe-e-e-e-e-en.

P.S. - Splintered Sky's not dead. The start of the semester hit me harder than expected.

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Always love seeing the Twiangle. The warm fuzzy filk is icing on the three-layer cake. :twilightsmile:

And just when I was looking for ideas for a story for this picture

Twiangle is adorable, I love both ships with both Twilights and Sunset, they get a tie in my book for best ship

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