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Its official and sneek peek. · 4:31am Nov 25th, 2012

We'll its official, I'm making a new story with a friend. Its none of my previous ideas. I was doing a Role Play and we decided to make a fic out of it.

The person who helped me is Prince Clipi

This is what we got done if 5 minutes: (It helps when you have the script already written! XD )

"Princess, I've been curious. What are you the princess of anyway?" Asked Umbra.

"The moon, silly" giggled the Princess of the Night.

"UMBRA! We have to go back to the present!" Shouted Eclipse.

"What? Why? Is something happening?"

"A paradox! Time is collapsing, we have to go!"

"Good by Princess Luna, I'll see you again." Umbra said softly.

Eclipse's horn lights up and glows a bright red and a flash of light later, Umbra and Eclipse are no longer on the moon with the 5 year old Luna.


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LUNA Y ARE U SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luna is my fav pony. Good luck with the story...

I should probably write my stories again, but I just got a bunch of games :pinkiehappy:

:fluttercry: when will we work on dis

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