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    Hero walked into his room. It was as messy as it was when he went out. He sighed, pushing the bed to the side. Underneath the bed was a trapdoor. He opened the door, trotting down the flight of stairs. He entered the basement, flipping a switch. The room was illuminated in blinding white light. Once his eyes adjusted, he chuckled and looked around. The walls were decorated with many types

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    Her camp lays in ruin, and bodies are at her hooves
    What must she do, what’s there to prove?
    Her wooden blade ignited in flames,
    And she cut them down in the flash of a blade

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Fang Gang Shorts #81 · 10:15pm Sep 10th, 2020

Hive laid in bed, giggling in bliss while squirming uncontrollably. “Hehehehehe! B-Bezzy!”

“What? You asked me to do this!”

“It just tihihihickles so much!”


Hive looked at Bezier, watching as she continued planting kisses on his belly. 

“Eeehehehehe!” he squirmed again.

Bezier chuckled, watching him as he kicked and wiggled. He looked… kinda cute for a tough guy.

Unfortunately, and due to being caught up in the moment, they didn’t hear the changeling walking in.

Bez stopped dead in her tracks, gasping as she quickly turned her head towards the newcomer. Hive, despite being caught off guard managed to grab his bayonet and threw it into the wall, mere inches from the changeling, who cowered in his position. Hive and Bez blushed, looking at changeling.

“I swear, if you tell anyone about this… I will have your head,” Hive growled in a low voice.

“Eeep! U-Uh… y-yes sir…” The changeling grit his teeth, before scurrying out the room.

Hive sighed. “I… uh… sorry Bez…”

She merely smiled. “Eh, don’t be.”

Hive blinked, confused. “Wait… really? Why—”

She gave him a peck on the cheek. Hive’s eyes widened, his wings immediately sticking out and a blush forming on his face.

He didn’t bother complaining though. He chuckled and pecked her on the cheek in return.

Lemme give a big thanks to BezierBallad for helping with, and giving me the idea for, this!

Report MlpHero · 94 views · Story: Blue Fang · #Hivehunter #Bezier
Comments ( 9 )

Heh, that was a really sweet ending

Heh, thanks. I couldn’t have done it without Bez.

Heh, great job to both of you

Heh. Hive is pretty cute when getting tickled.

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