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Now (I) Fucked Up · 10:51pm September 7th

So guess who’s a fucking dumbass who though not meaning to and with good intentions, managed to freak out and piss off Peter and Amy New?

I wanted to make a “News of the World” Queen crossover shitpost so I asked in a pony shitposting group if the News had any kids or pets so I had someone to use for the third Queen member on the album cover, but I forgot that most people aren’t as open as me and especially not about their kids so now I’ve been canceled again apparently, and Peter and Amy probably hate me forever now. Oops. Hopefully if I write an apology letter to them they’ll at least understand, if not forgive me. Fuck I hate how fucking dumb I am sometimes.

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Comments ( 8 )
Author Interviewer

Well'p. :B

Obligatory onii-chan joke.


Most people don’t know that the original of this is actually from a skit about Abraham Lincoln being assassinated

imma be completely honest dude that's just in bad taste in general. You shouldn't have even THOUGHT of asking.

Author Interviewer

Honestly I can see how this might've been a problem, but I bet it has a little more to do with how you asked than that you asked. Just a guess. Sorry to hear that, anyway. Cancel culture is shit.

So not all publicity is good publicity?

Seriously, Peter New is a cool dude. (The Pinocchio movie he put together and starred in, which you can't *say* Pinocchio because the Mouse has Vicious Lawyers with Lasers on their heads, is awesome)

Write an abject apology, but remember the first two or three lines are the most critical part.

-Summary of apology
-Abject description of what you were trying to do
-Restate apology and say you're going to dump the project since it went over so poorly

With luck, you'll get a note back saying something of the effect of "Oh, that's what you were doing. It sounded creepy at first, but now I understand."

would bug mac work as the third figure in the cover?

...Er. Yeah, not a great idea, that, I think; sorry you didn't realize that in time. Good luck with the apology, and I hope the reconciliation goes well.

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