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Just checking in · 1:39am Sep 7th, 2020

Howdy folks,

This last month has been busy. I've moved twice, worked full-time hours for part-time pay, started what is likely the last full school year of my life, and suddenly August doesn't exist anymore.

Needless to say, there's not much to report on the writing front. I've made occasional efforts to chip away at Chapter 10 of Set Sail but progress has been sluggish. I know where it needs to go, but it might be a bit before I manage to finish the draft. I'll be working on it, rest assured, but real life has left me with few opportunities to work on the birdy wordys.

Hope everyone had a good late summer!

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their smiles make me nervous :C

You moved twice in one month?:rainbowderp:


you suck

Hey man, life happens. I’m happy waiting

Jack, I can write the birds for you. They will kiss every chapter.

Yeah we understand

omg i love you 🥺

Yup, it was not a fun experience. But it did save me some money so I guess it was a win?

you swallow :heart:

thanks for understanding :)

do it. write birbs. make them kiss

that's it, I'm kissing you

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