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Hello everypony im yoshifan My favorite character is Yoshi obviously lol but i do like my little pony friendship is magic and zootopia super smash bros Pokémon ( 31 ) ( male ) ( straight )

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    My top 10 mlp comic wish that could have been a TV episode

    Okay I know you guys are thinking the show has been over two years ago what's the point and yes I understand that since new generation is already in the making of a TV show but it doesn't mean I should have fun with it that I really wish this could have been so with that said here's my top 10 and it's not in order
    1. Nightmare Rarity

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    Today Is my birthday

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    Animal loves Hitch Trailblazer

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    Once again happy birthday Yoshi

    Today it's my favorite character Yoshi's birthday

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    Elements of Harmony Assembled

    Say hello to my friends

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Soarin Party n Teddy · 6:33pm Sep 6th, 2020

A wonder bolt a party planner and a bad pony for unknown meet each other with little in common with each other somehow will learn from each other

Now for anybody who doesn't know why I chose those ponies is because if you notice in the bottom Are the same voices from ed edd n eddy and For anybody who doesn't know who that heck is Teddy he is from my little pony tales the voice of eddy was a kid when he did this show Just a little information for some don't know and Just to give people some ideas they're nest fanfiction stories

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Wow, I never knew that they share the same voices! That's pretty neat ^^

Yup It would have been amazing If those 3 that 1 episode together

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