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    Fic recs, October 19th: First and Only RariTwi Bomb edition!

    The RariTwi Bomb was an event that took place last year, celebrating Monochromatic's love of purple unicorn kissing, and a whole bunch of cool folks got in on it to write some horse shipping. :)

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    Fic recs, October 18th!

    Scribbler's newest reading is Pen Stroke's Silencing Song, with GutiuSerenade, DracKeagan, Neighrator Pony and Sweetie Bloom!

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    Oh boy, memes

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    Dreams are really important to me as sources of wonder, inspiration and sometimes just plain entertainment, which is why I like telling people about them.

    I have heard mumblings that people do not like hearing about dreams others have had. I politely tell those mumblings to stuff it.

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Fic reviews: September 5th! · 9:31pm September 5th

Though I'm nearly done with my current big edition, I have a bunch of news to give out, and it's been a while since I posted anything, so let's do some minifics!

Scribbler's newest reading is Neon Czolgosz's A Persimmon Spring! She's also done cleverpun's Pictures of Lily!

DwarvishPony is now open for writing commissions!

HapHazred's written another chapter of Not My Rescuer (But Not Bad Either). It's more slice of life-ish, since they're more comfortable together now, and it's from Spitfire's POV, but it's still good shipping and talks over a few interesting things. Check it out.

This month, Flash Fiction Online was worth reading. We've got stories about fearing the lies of the sun, small magics vs. large, deer hunting, and a dying god.

H: 6 R: 6 C: 10 V: 0 N: 0

Thank You for Coming by Cold in Gardez
Genre: Comedy
Oh boy, what a way to start the day. XD Excellent comedic timing, hilarious use of its main characters, and a perfect sense of how to completely shift a situation 180 degrees at a moment's notice. Fun!
Highly Recommended

One Great Big Ball of Friendship by Esle Ynopemos
Genre: Comedy/Light Body Horror?
An all-dialogue story where the what's-going-on will likely dawn on you slowly. Honestly well done, just very creepy!
Recommended If You Like Weird Shit

Inverted Joke Week, part 2: Rainbow Dash by Nonagon
Genre: Random
Yeah, that's an inverted joke, all right.
Recommended for… Laughs?

Dance Dance Political Revolution by Fuzzyfurvert
Genre: Comedy
This is an unfinished ficlet, sadly, and I'd have liked to see where it was going. True to the author's note, it does have one joke!
Recommended for Twilight Sparkle Fans Only

Tomorrow by HoofAndQuill
Genre: Dark AU
I'll say that I wasn't a fan of the villain's motivation here, just because it destroys her canon character growth, but who knows when this was written, really? Up to that point, I was really into the setup of the AU, and even afterward, I found this ending as something like a chapter one (though really, more like a chapter six or so), and I wanted more!
Recommended If You Like AUs

In Amazing Technicolor by FanOfMostEverything
Genre: Episode Followup
Oh daaaamn, I'm done with Story Shuffle! :O So, I was a little confused at the start of this. Possibly because I had just stepped out of another AU, I thought this was a "Nightmare Moon won" kind of story. It's not, it's taking place perfectly in canon, and it's basically about how Luna is able to enjoy Nightmare Night with all of Equestria. Interesting idea, but by the time I got to the reveal, I was kind of nonplussed.
Recommended for Luna Fans

Four Brony Rondeaux by AugieDog
Genre: Poetry
Here's something I haven't seen in an age: writing about the fandom! Though presented as four poems about four people, I prefer to take them as one story. To be sure, if they're been ordered in any other way, that wouldn't have worked!

The Power of Wub Compels You by Silvernis
Review #6700!
Genre: ScratchTavia
This is mostly a "how they met", but it does stand out from others I've seen. It's all about the perspective, how Vinyl is written and how she interprets everything around her. Nicely done.

Greatness by Bombastic Bookpony
Genre: Cute
This is a little shaky overall, but it actually does a good job A) being cute, and B) demonstrating Twilight taking the wrong idea away from an otherwise good life lesson.
Recommended If You Like Cute Foal Stuff

Perhaps Too Little, Definitely Too Late by QueenMoriarty
Genre: Cutie Re-Mark
This is almost a Fallout crossover. This clearly is meant to give further context to the Flim-Flam Brothers future seen at the end of season five. It certainly isn't meant as any kind of FoE sidefic; the use of "Vault" brings to mind the games, but I literally just reminded myself the fic calls them "Stables", so there you go. So how is this? Really fucking cool. Watching the brothers constantly trying to justify their actions, avoid responsibility, and even eat a little crow for their previous actions, is well and good. But along with making good use of a canon AU that we really only ever glimpsed, this quickly spirals into some dark shit, and I loved where it ended.
Highly Recommended

So Meta by ObabScribbler
Genre: Random
There's not really any shipping going on here, though the presence of the tags does at least inform the situation. This is a one-joke fic, but it's still kind of funny to see that joke used in a context that could have been romantic if Sombra didn't suck. :P
Recommended for Laughs

Dust Burglassical by SirNotAppearingInThisFic
Genre: Action Comedy
Hey, I'm done with Unhinged, too! And this was, unsurprisingly, really weird and nonsensical. It involves two burglars trying to steal something of Princess Luna's, and one of the burglars is really genre aware. He's not breaking the fourth wall, he just knows what makes for a good heist story and is trying to apply it to pulling off a successful heist. It's a really bizarre fic, check it out.

Grounded by KwirkyJ
Genre: Slice of Life
This is a really clever piece of characterization, just a simple conversation between Twilight and Applejack, juxtaposed with what's going on behind the scenes. This couldn't have been any longer than this, it was exactly what it needed to be, and I am impressed by its simple effectiveness.
Highly Recommended

Detectives Pinkie Pie and King Sombra Are on the Case! by Pascoite
Genre: Feghoot
I mean, 'feghoot' isn't quite the right word for it, because this is more serialized wordplay, but hot damn did this lodge itself right up my snoot. >:B You'll love it if you like puns.
Recommended for Those Weirdos

Good Enough Reason by Abecedarian
Genre: Episode Followup
This takes place in the midst of the action scene suggested by the prompt, the attack against the changelings as the mane six raced to retrieve the Elements. I can't say I've ever seen anyone explore this angle of their existence as Element Bearers before. It's short, succinct, and quite effective, if you ask me. :)

Immodest Proposal by FanOfMostEverything
Genre: Shipping Comedy
I can't believe FanOfMostEverything forced me to read The Big Mac Question turned into a Fluttercord vehicle with my own two eyes. :|
Recommended for Fluttercord Shippers

Stop the Journey? by Loganberry
Genre: Sad Poetry
It's always hard to read poetry in these blogs, when I've got Augie's collection alongside them. But by being unambitious with the metrics, Loganberry wrote a successful poem about one of the CMC, far in the future, reminiscing about the good old days. And that's not nothing!

And All the Drones and Workers Merely Players by Aquaman
Genre: Comedy
Changelings arguing over who gets to play what pony in the coming invasion? Sign me the fuck up. This was hilarious. XD
Highly Recommended

Just Girls Talking About Crushes I by MythrilMoth
Genre: Ship Teasing
Oh boy, more Fluttercord! >:| Well, at least this takes the form of Rarity supposing Discord might have a crush on Fluttershy, which therefore puts it in the realm of speculation, and is a very reasonable thing to expect of well-rounded characters. I appreciate that it came to no conclusion, and it was at least somewhat amusing, but still…
Recommended for Those Weirdos

With Pointed Charm by Not_A_Hat
Genre: Thriller
Shit, this was cool. :D I don't even want to give anything away, save that this goes nowhere I saw coming, and, again, it was cool.
Highly Recommended

The Weather Merchants by Benman
Genre: History-Building
Wow, look what updated in the last year! Dammit, I really wish this were finished. It presents so much cool historical world-building, there was no way it could have been done, but that means it's also got a ton of content to chew on. This is just so cool, and I wish there were more of it.

The Dragon of Hoofholt by Chris
Genre: Fable
Damn, this was really good. A pony challenging a dragon to a duel to the death? Chris has always been great at this kind of thing, and this little story demonstrates why.
Highly Recommended

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Comments ( 11 )

Hey, I'm done with Unhinged, too!

Your comment on the story was better. As it happens, something (can't imagine what) has recently brought it to my attention that I haven't done this in a while, but I do intend to write more. I've just been working on my RIL and I have at least two three other stories that want to be written as soon as I have time. At least I won't be entering FoME's latest contest… but that doesn't mean I didn't find other ways to sacrifice time to it.

You know, it was pretty fun when people sent me cards they chose, 'cause I knew they'd be curated randomness, but I still didn't have any power over it. Maybe continuing with that would help keep Unhinged going.

Hey I’m running a unique kind of contest this month.. not exspecting you be wanting to help or take part, but was wondering if it would be possible if you might mention it in one of these?

Oh daaaamn, I'm done with Story Shuffle!

Have fun. :trollestia:

I will cop to the weirdos thing.

Majin Syeekoh

I'mma lodge myself your your snoot.


I'd better get back to writing more poetry if you're gonna keep reading it! :twilightoops:


Author Interviewer

What is it? :B

How 'bout no? :D

You're gonna have some competition there, I'm afraid. :'(

Sorry, busy day and wanted to add a few updates.
Also, you ever mention my pride month reading? Only ask because you mentioned having it in your read later and would love to blog it that you did and I’ve been behind on stuff for the past couple of weeks ^^’

Author Interviewer

I'll be doing Pride & Positivity a while later. :B

And sure, why not.

Aww, I love it when you say nice things about me! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for the review, PP!

I am probably more proud of getting an R from you for a poem than of anything else I've ever done in this fandom. :rainbowwild:

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