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She-Ra is Good · 2:51am Sep 1st, 2020

I just finished binge watching She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix. It made me cry. Frequently.

I ignored it when it was new because I was like, "There's no way they rebooted a corny 80s show into anything good." But I'm happy to be super-wrong.

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At least the villain didn't call everyone a boob.

... I miss Skelator.

> Is on an MLP fansite
> "There's no way they rebooted a corny 80s show to be anything good"

ehhh considering that many reboots are not that good its always surprising when they do it right especially one aimed for little girls. Most times television for younger ladies is so very vapid in some ways and insults the viewer. I mean take all the badly animated Barbie movies/shows......shudders.

Glad you enjoyed it! I binged it a couple of months ago, just after Season 5 came out, and had a very similar experience. The last season came especially close to killing me with tears.

Also, Entrapta is best princess. This is an objective truth.

Jeez, you only watched She-Ra now? I started it back in 2018, and I even have fanfic with em dashes for dialogue tags to prove it! (Season 5 was pretty good imo, even if the ending felt abrupt.)

I ignored it when it was new because I was like, "There's no way they rebooted a corny 80s show into anything good."

Are you being intentionally ironic saying that here?

Anyway, She-Ra is a great show.

5346348 :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

5346351 One of the things that most surprised me was how they managed to give screen time and character development to all the characters. Although I found it odd that Entrapta got such a larger role in the plot than almost every other character.

Me not having a clear favorite character is a great sign of how well the show was written.

My water bill increased sometime around Season 3 and never stopped.

5346352 I never claimed to be cutting-edge. :raritydespair:

Since I binged it, I thought the pacing was fine. I will admit, that seeing Hordaak Prime get defeated so swiftly was a bit off. And relegating the future versions of the main crew to a hypothetical holographic coma fantasy seemed a wasted opportunity. The finale could definitely have been extended to three episodes. A bit too much was happening in too small a space. Still made me cry though.

Meh, Horde Prime was only a competant commander and outside the chips, he didn't have anything that justified his delusions of godhood (that I'm assuming manifested because of the loyalty he's built into his army). I liked him but honestly he was a one-trick pony.

But yeah, I loved it.

Most dictators with delusions of godhood frankly have even less to justify it.

Well, I theorize that the only reason why Horde Prime is even a thing is that if he didn't exist, Catra would be irredeemable. By the end of season 3 Catra had done basically everything she could to be beyond saving, and had become the ultimate villain of the show. But we want the smoochies to be justified, so we got a character who's even more egomaniacal and who has zero redeeming qualities, so that Catra looks better.

To be fair they also needed to keep scaling things up and while Catra is objectively smarter than Horde Prime, they'd have to jump through a lot of hoops to make her as threatening. Horde Prime is a one-trick pony but it's a hell of a trick and more importantly, it looks terrifying.

I do think Catra should have either spent season 4 Zuko-ing, maybe parallel Glimmer and Hordak instead of Glimmer and Catra; or the show should have committed to her tragic villainy and killed her off in season 3. She spends most of season 4 spiraling while she waits for the rest of the plot to catch up to her. (except for the episode where Scorpia leaves her )

Catra does benefit a lot from standing next to irredeemable villains. Being the dragon for Shadow Weaver did a lot to make her interesting and likable in season 1, before the interesting parts of Adora's development really kick in.

There were two things they could've done after season 3: they could've scaled up, in which case you need a new villain, or they could've scaled down, in which gone would be much of the action the series is rooted in. I love the notion of Adora washing her hands of Catra after what she did, but I knew deep down they had to do the smoochies by the end. Personally I would've preferred they scale back, because by season 5 there are actually too many characters to give the spotlight. (Lonnie, Kyle, and Rogelio do NOTHING in season 5 and I'll never forgive that. :twilightangry2:)

Season five needed to be a longer season with more episodes led by supporting characters. I think it does speak to the show when one of the main legit criticisms is that there should have been more.

Also because Horde Prime being the force behind Hordak was a thing in the original series, of course.

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