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State of the Writer, August 2020! · 1:31am September 1st

Had this feeling like "Wasn't there something I was supposed to do today?"

Oh yeah.

So after a completely horsewords-dry July, I put out not one but two stories! Applejack Is an Alicorn Now, I Guess, which was super dumb fun with zero expectations, and thus easy to write, and The Marchioness and the Urchin, which was anything but. :B

It's worth noting, I mentioned recently how I don't know what success looks like anymore. Well, the latter story (which came out first) finally has ratings and views comparable to the former, at the end of its first day on EQD. <.< And that's just 200 views. So I guess that's all I can expect now, which is fine, it's just good to know.

Man, haven't put a fic on EQD since The Princess's Captain, though, so that's cool. :D

In terms of future things, well... no one get your hopes up, but I dusted off and started working again on the next installment of The Elements of Awesomery. Like, you think you're dying for the next Princess's Captain update? Wish I'd get my ass in gear and finish Epic Unicorn History already? You ain't got shit on EoA fans. Does this mean I'll finish it next month? No. It's not a guaranteed zero percent, either, but I'm also getting distracted by another shitfic I noticed today, Blind Spots, which exists as nothing more than a four-years-too-late concept. But that's never stopped me before!

Mostly, I've just spent the month trying unsuccessfully to sleep due to a combination of sugar and anxiety, and watched helplessly as society crumbles around my head. But I'm okay. Probably. For now. There's still hope on the horizon.

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Comments ( 4 )

I honestly admire the way you can just take an “expired” concept and push it forward despite that. Keep being awesome

Maybe existential angst is good for something? :rainbowderp:

Looks like I outflanked you this time.

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