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    The AU's continue

    I have been working on some AU content to DF.
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    My brain...MY BRAIN

    OK, first and foremost. Thank you all so so so much for your amazing generosity and well wishes. Because of all of you I am gonna make it. On top of that I got a wonderful phone call from my friend last night and he's got a job lined up for me! I couldn't have come this far without all of you. And I don't mean that in just means of monetary support.

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    Spike's past - Discovering Friendship Prequel Tidbid.

    A snippit into the world of Spike's past that I have been working on. I have a few tidbits like this. Not all of them are exactly canon to the story - moreso ideas I had to write down before I lost them. This bit will most likely make it into the full story, perhaps not written exactly like this, but its important.

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Spike's past - Discovering Friendship Prequel Tidbid. · 2:32am August 30th

A snippit into the world of Spike's past that I have been working on. I have a few tidbits like this. Not all of them are exactly canon to the story - moreso ideas I had to write down before I lost them. This bit will most likely make it into the full story, perhaps not written exactly like this, but its important.

"IS THAT ALL I AM TO YOU?! JUST SOME PRIZED BEAST?!" Spike roared, flames billowing around him. Morigan's mouth worked uselessly as she tried to argue, but Spike had already turned, wings sprouting from his back as he kicked off the ground and hurtled away.


"Ah got 'im. Calm yer pretty lil head," Skylar scoffed as he pat her shoulder.

"h-he's never going to forgive me..."

"'Is head is in a t'rrible place right 'bout now. Jus' gi'e 'im some time luv. As ah saids. Ah'll talk t' 'im," Skylar promised, squeezing her shoulder. With a wink he sank into the shadows, leaving Morigarn to stare at the sky.

Her dragon was hurt. Because of her.

"Fig'rd ah'd find ya here Liz," Skylar chuckled as he slipped out of the shadows. Spike sat on his bed, his room a complete mess. Smoke filled half the room. The dragon himself sat with his arms around his knees.

"Ya got it wrong Liz," Skylar pointed out, tucking his hands into his coat pockets.

"Yea, sure..."

"Spike," Skylar breathed his name, causing him to tense up.

"That woman luv's ya more than any other creature in dis whole damned world. Ya truly think yer jus' a prize t' her? Lemme ask ya...Whatcha think ah am t' her?" He pointed a finger at himself, putting on a half smirk.

"I...I don't know," Spike admitted.

"Is true. Ah might very be th' worlds greatest swordsman, but ah sure as shite ain't no human. You's more human in ya than I," Skylar began, claiming the corner of the bed as he sat down.

"Ya could hardly call me a second class citizen. Though ah s'pose it ain't no matter. My life is as cushy as it gets," he chuckled.

"Whats your point Sky?" Spike growled, smoke curling around his face.

"Liz...Spike...That woman would die fer ya in a heartbeat. Ah've watched her tame all sorts of critters an beasts. She's luv'd em all th' same, but not quite like th' love she has fer you,"

"She's los' a lot of em. As th' Princess' Tamer...Her pets are all basically war-hounds...An' those ones she's lost, she's cried fer. But ah ain't nary seen tears in her eyes like the ones she has fer you," Skyler glanced at the dragon, seeing his attention focused wholey on him.

"Tartarus be damned boy, you mean everything to that woman!" Skylar laughed. Spike scoffed and shook his head.

"Ah'm sure ya's seen what our relationship is like...But t' her, ah'm but 'nother pet. Th' prized Shade. Only one ever tamed," Skylar smirked.

"Bullshit. You're more than that to her..."

"Ah'll tell you this Liz. If we's were hangin at th' end of our ropes...She wouldn't hesitate t' abandon me fer ya. Honestly...ah prefers it that ways," Skylar nodded.


"Though ah'd blame that on a'fact of how hard ah'm t' kill!" Skylar busted out into laughter. Spike found himself relaxing a little, flexing his wings.

"So you're saying I overreacted?" Spike asked softly.

"Oh no, not at all Liz. Ah thinks this here is good fer her. Everyones gotta feel th' sting sumtime," he shrugged.

"She ain't meant what she said in th' way ya heards it. You're her ultimate prize. Better than anything she's ever 'ad in this world. Worth more than all th' coin in this whole blasted realm. She ain't meant t' call ya's a prize," Skylar tried to explain.

"She meant that I was more than that..." Spike slowly realized. Skylar smirked and gave a nod.

"I have to talk to her..." Spike jumped to his feet, stumbling a little.

"Hold yerself there Liz. Ya's aint used t' them wings jus yet. Adrenaline an heartbreak gots ya here but not even willpower is gunna git ya back so easily," Skylar placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Rest ya'self. Ah'll let ol Mori knows ya safe an sound an ya'll can hash it out over breakfast."

"You don't truly think that...do you?" Morigan asked. Skylars shadow only gave a light shrug. Morigan was able to listen in thanks to the duplicate, but if it spoke to her than it would give away her eavesdropping.

"Skylar...I would never abandon you..."

"He's out like a light that one. Long day on 'is shoulders," Skylar murmured, fading back into his shadow and forming fully.

"And ah's meant my words Mori. If it twer me or th' boy, ya's better be savin yer lizard. An old bag like me'self can git by jus fine ah'll have ya know. 'Sides. Bindin Contract an all that shite," he shrugged.

"The three of us are taking a personal day tomorrow Skylar and..."

"No Mori. You's an 'im are havin' a day t'morrow. If'n ya feels ya need t' spend time with me later, ah'm happy t' join in the fun. But t'morrow's fer the two of ya's. Go win back yer lizard. Gimmie a day o' peace while yer ats it," he chuckled, waving over his shoulder as he walked away. Morigan huffed under her breath, staring into the distance.

"Tomorrow Spike..."

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Glimpses of Sir Drake's past.
A past twixt him and the mysterious Morigan and the shade Skylar shown in partial brevity.
What more there is....
We must wait to see.

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