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Little girl saved from unicorn · 4:04am August 29th

Newsweek article

On August 24th, an inflatable unicorn snatched a little girl away off the coast of Greece and carried her out to sea. The dastardly creature's plan was foiled when a ferry picked her up a half mile out.

(Rumors of my involvement with her abduction are greatly exaggerated.)

When they picked her up, she was riding that unicorn...


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Comments ( 8 )

You working again?

You sure it's not a seapony?

That girl would never have let Wilson go.

That's an alicorn. Just sayin'...

Charlie was unavailable for comment, but released a statement, via legal representation, to say "Seriously, you guys?"

This isn’t going to start a rash of unicorns kidnapping children stories is it?

Make it happen

Those unicorns get into all SORTS of trouble!

It was a kelpie all along

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