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    New chapters!

    Hey guys! Sorry for the very late progress. Been very busy until I barely get to this website as usual. But the good news is, I have returned with 2 new chapters to my world war story! It was planned to be 4 chapters but I thought about it too much and decided to make them 2 chapters instead of 4. The Battle of Carentan is still on going and they soon will meet the end of the battle. Thank you

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    World at War: Chapter 11.2

    Hey folks! Hope y'all doin mighty fine with your life. Anyways, I'm sorry for the long progress for the story, but I can assure you it's still a story that I want to finish. A must if I have to say. Just as I promise, these are the few parts of the first half of the story! Thank you for the patience and I can guarantee you that the next chapter will be published soon before mid of August.

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    World at War: Chapter 11.1 has been released!

    Hello there! Just wanna say happy 4th of July for those who celebrated! And to make things more interesting, I've released the Chapter 11! It took way faster than I expected but worth the shot. Though, it's titled 11.1 because the battle is going to be longer than I expect. For summary, the battle took place at Carentan Highway where 502nd got banged up by German 88 before advancing to a nearby

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    World at War: Chapter 11

    Good day folks! I'm starting to think that after I've released a new chapter, I'm going to make blog posts about my progression in this story. Maximum blog posts will be two times before the new chapter is released so as to not giving too much spoilers on the story. And now, here are some of the events that's happening in Chapter 11.

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    World at War

    Hey hey hey, guys! I hope y'all doing well and safe beyond all recognition. Chapter 10 have been released for my World War 2 story and I'm awaiting for your suggestions, critics, any help I can get from the comment section or PM would be very much appreciated. Thank you for being patient for the progress! Chapter 11 coming soon, and I have scheduled the deadline for August 1st, 2022. Stay tuned

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RIP Chadwick Boseman · 3:35am Aug 29th, 2020

The famous actor of the Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman reported died this Friday at the age of 43. May he find peace up there and we shall send him our prayers to let him know that we care. Innalillahi.

Here's the link for you guys to see the news.


Report TasteDaRainbow · 201 views · #pray #rip
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Oh my gosh, no. I had no idea:fluttershysad:

Play the Portals soundtrack from Avengers Endgame to honor his memory. RIP Mr. Boseman

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