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At Least My Weekend was Good · 4:44am Aug 27th, 2020

My cousin came over to hang out on my birthday last Friday, and my mom gave me chicken socks (since I'm the chicken mom in our house, I get chicken-themed clothing). I wore one pair of them to work. It was a pretty laid back birthday (besides work, but whatever).

I got the day off on Saturday, so we went on a day trip in the mountains. It was a couple hour drive until we reached a certain trail, and we had an ATV ride down one of the canyons and around the hills, with four of us in the four person vehicle and my youngest sister driving the four-wheeler. We went several miles to a landmark called Old Ephraim's Grave. Long story short, it's a memorial to a huge grizzly bear, and to our surprise and amusement, we just so happened to visit on the anniversary of his death. Anyway, we had a picnic and took a few pictures, and congratulated a band of hunters that emerged from the forest, who had gotten themselves a deer with bows and arrow.

We then went for shakes near Bear Lake, and well, Mom and Dad had to try the raspberry shakes the folks there keep bragging about (I don't care much for raspberries, but I'll take their word for it when they say they're good). No, we didn't go swimming, there were way too many people there and there was no way Dad could park when he had two ATVs in tow. We just looked at the lake and left (well, at least it's not the only time I've been there, we went up there a few years ago to visit with family camping in the area and got to swim then).

And then Sunday, my brother and sister-in-law visited, and we had my birthday dinner, dessert, and played a couple of games. Fun, fun.

But wanna know a certain birthday present I've been eagerly preparing myself for for at least half a year?


Their names are Cookie (black and white) and Meadow (brown).

So, that's about it. Managed to make my birthday weekend something worthwhile.

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It's probably a little late, but Happy Birthday :twilightsmile:

I hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourself

Glad to hear you had a very nice birthday. Enjoy the new additions to the family. :twilightsmile:

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