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You Set My Heart Atwitter · 8:39pm Aug 26th, 2020

I have a Twitter account. I use it exclusively to post RariTwi content. Mostly AU ideas, headcanons, and musings on their dynamics and characterizations.

Some excerpts to show that when I say this account is All RariTwi All The Time, I really mean it.

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I'll see your eldritch AU and raise you one where a pre-Ponyville Twilight is ordered to make more friends by Celestia ("And no golems this time,") and contacts The Mistress of Form and Pattern, She Who Weaves Space and Time, the Crystal of Ten Trillion Facets. And then promptly begins to seduce her.

"So what do you two do for fun?"

"She likes to show me her designs that transcend Euclidean form in an attempt to drive me mad and I make suggestions on how to use octarine accents to tastefully enhance her aesthetics."

Let it be known that this is your brain on RariTwi.

This really makes me feel I should up my Twinkie devotion.

Dipping into this feed was wonderful fun! Thank you for sharing.

How about an AU where the Mane 6 kept their Rainbow Powers, help out as virtual demi-gods, and RariTwi is just part of their new thing. Rarity complained about how 'cluttered' her Rainbow look was, until she went through "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You" and figured out how to 'own' it.

How haven't you summoned Mono from the depths of TEK with this yet I don't know, but it'll happen soon I bet.

I specially like the Vampire one, seems oh so ripe for shenanigans.
Bonus points if it's WoD'esque with werewolves, mages, fae and whatnot. All the other girls are supernaturals too and are vested in the romance going forward, but they don't know the other is a vampire.
Except Sunset, she's in the story, in an old as dust else, knows it and tries to drop subtle hints only to facepalm a HARD every time either of them misses the point completely.

There's likely some localized apocalypse going on, or just the standard supernatural drama and violence. Few vamps in the city though, else they'd both find out one way or another about each one.

This is the good stuff.

...Did you... mean to imply that Twilight is trying to court an eldritch being by coming up with her own non-Euclidean madness-inducing designs? :D

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