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  • 13 weeks

    Huh, alright then. Changing the complete tag, I guess look forward to the second chapter? :rainbowderp:

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  • 19 weeks
    The next step (not a direct sequel)

    I'm announcing my next pet project, another Spike ship! This time Pinkie will get the limelight :pinkiegasp:
    If you're interested at all in a spiritual successor, then give Scales and Sweets a try :heart:

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  • 34 weeks

    The only gods I have ever worshipped
    Have been the ones I could touch
    The ones that ask for nothing
    Besides the gentle rotation of a thumb

    The dragging of teeth over smooth skin
    The silk of hair cascading where it shouldn't
    Nails and fingertips tracing veins and arteries
    Flesh and flesh and blood and flesh

    And what god would not want to be revered
    In the way that I pray to you

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  • 43 weeks
    Official announcement of Commission slots

    That's right buckers, it is official;
    Commission slots exist, and are open!

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  • 288 weeks
    I made a Microfic, and then read it

    And here it is! Careful, it starts playing right away. I'm sorry for the background hiss, but I only have the one microphone, which is on a headset :twilightblush:

    “Do you ever wonder…”

    She looked back at the tree, the leaves dancing in a light, salted breeze.

    “No. No, of course not.”

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Official announcement of Commission slots · 8:57pm Aug 24th, 2020

That's right buckers, it is official;
Commission slots exist, and are open!

As things are right now, there are going to be 4 slots, one of which is going to be dedicated to fics longer than 10k words. So that leaves me with three slots for shorter fics, and one for anything longer than 10k. You interested in a slot, get a hold of me, we can hash out your premise and settle on a max word count (If I go over, then the extra is free).

That's not a lot of fucking slots, Wolf, you say, because I want you to.

Yeah, I know, making a big deal out of four slots, one of which is already taken, is weird. But hey, I need the practice, and once I get said practice then I'll open more slots.

Alright, fine, you say, sweat forming as you speak. How much are you charging then?

Industry-standard my bud, which I'm told for a beginner is one penny per word, aka 10 bucks USD per 1000 words. Not a bad deal, and I'm not gonna just foist on ya something you don't like (within reason, I'm not going to rewrite your story fifty times for free). I'll take payment through ko-fi, or directly through paypal, your choice (although ko-fi's weird about taking payments that aren't three bucks, so prepare for a 3k, 6k, or 9k story I guess?)

Anything you won't write? I force you to ask, as you hold your jaw, powerless to stop yourself.

Well, I'm not really into stuff like gorn (gore porn) and non-con stuff, or bathroom stuff. Otherwise, ask away, and I'll let you know if its too much for me. While I am, if known for anything, my slow-burn romance, I enjoy writing just about anything genre-wise. I prefer to stick to 3rd person semi-omniscient, but I can do 1rst-person present. Never tried a 2nd-person story before, but I'm game to try. No character is off the table, no pairing too weird (You really want that Disco-Stick pairing? Really really? Alri~g~h~t~). Smut, no smut, I'm down. You want something outside FimFic? I'm into a couple of other fandoms, stuff like Avatar TLA and Critical Role (working on a WidoJest smut fic rn). You want me to Stream the writing? I'm down, got a Twitch pretty much just for that.

Wolf, you didn't answer my question in this strange, fucked up FAQ, you sob, weeping openly as the syllables force themselves between your teeth.

Well fuck dude, I ain't omniscient. Ask in the comments, send me a site message, hit me up on Discord (Nico#3479), pray to the wriggling dark under your wardrobe, I'll get back to ya regardless. Also, I doubt that it'll happen, but if there is some sort of overflow, I'll start a queue document to save your place, chronologically.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

LONG FIC- Taken by wildredlifer
Slot Four- Vacant

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