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I like stories, this is my access to those stories, talk and theorize about them. I do exist, but I am a ghost! I have a story now too!

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  • 11 weeks
    Welp, I had ideas but not for Shimmering Hope.

    Greetings to my followers and fellow authors on this site. Guess who was busy, and had a stroke of inspiration...

    for the wrong type of story. Yes sadly I am not gonna be publishing anything on Shimmering Hope for a bit, family matters have become stressful and work has been a pain with changing my schedule.

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  • 25 weeks
    I LIVE AGAIN!! So update time.

    Greetings everyone, late night today. Sorry for the absence and silence. Life has been so "fun". Dealing with family health issues, a new job, managing said new job, writing, and DnD is hard. However, I have gotten it down and also looked back at what I had set up for the story.

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  • 56 weeks
    New Characters I am Tempted to Add.

    Hello, and let me get straight to the point. I have around seven OCs I want to add to my story, besides Carter, in a semi-loose side-character position. And they are

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  • 56 weeks

    Yep, I did it, oh boy I made chapter Three of Shimmering Hope. I also wonder if you all can guess some hints in it. And if so, please prevent spoilers via the spoiler feature. I'll check your comments to see, but no spoiling it.

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  • 56 weeks
    New Side Story

    So, today I have decided to publish a side story series about the lore and backstory of my Shimmering Hope Story Universe. I am very hopeful you all will like it, as I do enjoy this new style of writing, and will help me get into it again, and hopefully a new Chapter of Shimmering Hope will be out as soon as I can get it. I plan on it being the PoV of AJ on the night of the Incident, and will

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New Characters I am Tempted to Add. · 3:31am Aug 22nd, 2020

Hello, and let me get straight to the point. I have around seven OCs I want to add to my story, besides Carter, in a semi-loose side-character position. And they are

Monika Aoki: A Young Japanese-American girl, who has faced hardships at home and is not who she says she is. She has brown-pink hair, red eyes, and slightly pink skin tone. 5 feet and 7 inches tall, and average weight and build. She is a proud Demisexual, independent, and daring young high school entrepreneur. Her family discovered her secret, and thus, she ran away from her home city of Detrot to live a peaceful life with her lover, but she fears for her, and often overreacts to others being too close to her best friend and only family now.

Storm Striker: A Young girl, with a rough past, Storm is muscular, with a build of a lightweight female boxer, a height of only five feet four inches, with black-blue hair and dark skin. She has gray eyes, and often wears wrappings on her body, and over her chest. She is tomboyish, mistaken to be trans, and is homosexual. She can't keep a job, but knows who to target, and while her lover may hate her work, she is often kept safe since most cops thank her for busting up criminals. She has to provide, and if that means robbing from the underworld, then so be it.

Ethan Cain: A hard core man, Ethan is only twenty and has a record as long as his six foot, seven inch frame. He was a born criminal, doing things no other criminal could, till the day he met Maxwell, and then, agreed to help the younger man with his family issues. He was adopted by the Cains shortly after, and is now a proud member of their family. He has brown-copper hair, big green eyes, and is a muscular hardened lad. He wears boots, jeans, a leather jacket, with a bullet proof vest and oddly carries around a shield like a turtle's shell, made of unknown metals, and a mace on his back.

Catherine Jackson: A born believer in a very cruel religion, she was snapped out of it when her Father was removed and her aunt Chelsey came to take her in. Now, seventeen and wanting to learn of her mother, who abandoned her when she was born, she seeks the truth and is not a true believer of the Foundation's ways, while battling with her emotions and gears. She has blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a body of a model, but with a secret most never can learn of for her own safety. She battled over her sexuality, not knowing why she likes both guys and girls, and tries to find her place in this world.

Jessica Nightingale: A young wide eyed sixteen year old, with deep blue eyes and a hair like the stars, she was born from another mother then her half-brother Maxwell. Their father loved her as much as Max, but she often wondered who her mother was, and why she often was an outcast. Now, moving into a new town with her older brother as her guardian, she is excited to see how things go, and what events may transpire. She may be small at five feet and one inch, but do not let her small statue fool you, for she is mightier then any mere mortal.

Maxwell Widogast: When he was little, his mother Madison and his father Drake were the happiest parents ever, until Drake was sent to war, and his mother was found to be dating a woman when he was away. Maxwell lived through the divorce, pain, and disaster of a childhood he had, but thought when his step-mother, a woman whose name he long forgot, would be better. However, she soon left and never returned leaving him and his father with his half-sister Jessica. He knows she is not like him, her hair is weird, and her eyes are too..bright at times. After their father left for another war, and never returned, Maxwell took over the family business, and decides to move back to his old home town to meet his mother, and his new half brother Carter. He is nearly thirty now, but looks younger. His fiery ginger hair, green eyes, and thick irish accent come from his father, as he fights for control over a power lurking beneath his skin, as his scarred arms and hands show signs of a battle he rages with the demon within himself.

Abigail Nightingale: Jessica's adoptive mother, Abby is a very strong and savvy business woman. She is the Head of the Nightingale family, best friends with Madison Jackson and the other family heads. She is a dark haired, English-american, with pale skin, amethyst eyes and a small face and frame. However, she is not fully of this world. She is known to be insanely bright, witty, and a hard core gamer, with a soft side. Her sexuality is unknown, though she finds people can be people, and love who they want. She is often seen in a trench coat, with a woman's business suit, bow tie, and bowler hat on her head. She knows the truth behind Jessica's mother, who she is, and why she left, but can't say a word as she fears how it will hurt the girl too much to hear the truth.

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