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Random Ramblings CDIII - In Memoriam · 12:45am Aug 22nd, 2020

This past month has been tough for me. I tried to think of a song that fit. This one is probably the closest. Enjoy??

So now I'll get into news old and less-old if you'll please follow me past the jump.

That Dixie Chicks song is about the singer's grandma suffering from Alzheimer's. My situation, which I've mentioned in earlier blogs, isn't quite the same. My own grandma had dementia her final few years, but I'm not writing about her today.

On the afternoon of August 4th, my dad died. I was the only one in the house with him and had to call the authorities. Since then I've been trying, with only some success, to get his affairs in order. Luckily for me he made it VERY clear to anyone who would listen that he didn't want any funeral service or burial -- just spread his ashes at one of his favourite nature spots. And no his choice had nothing to do with COVID; he told me this before the pandemic. However, because this is Arkansas at the height of summer, I'm going to wait at least two months. Meanwhile, his urn sits in my room at his house (which I'm not selling until next year for economic reasons).

This is as opposed to my room at my house. I'm going back home tomorrow (Saturday the 22nd) after six months living at my dad's in the room I spent middle & high school in, albeit this time on an inflatable mattress.

It may sound strange, but I'm not looking forward to returning home. Maybe because I ended up staying here WAY longer than expected, maybe because I naturally have a problem with letting go -- if I could afford it, I'd just hold onto this place indefinitely and use it for storage (it's a big house, too big for just me) -- but that's not in the cards unless I get struck by lightning and win the lottery or something. I also inherited the half of my family's office building downtown that I didn't already own, and hanging onto that place is more important to me.

What does this have to do with writing about Pony? Well, while taking care of dad as his health failed, I was unable to bring myself to do much, even on the rare occasion ideas came to me. With him gone, I'm hoping I can finish the two or three stories I have on my plate. Whether I continue after that is a question for another time. But I made a promise to y'all and myself that I would NOT leave unfinished stories, because that pisses me off just as much as it does you.

In a loophole, I never said anything about story ARCS or Universes. I still don't have a title for the final story in the Sunsetverse despite racking my brain about it for years. So better to have no expectations about anything beyond the Mayor's story (which I really did try to finish before July 20th but simply failed) and EQUESTRIA GIRLS -- Ohhh yes, there's still more Zedd-Ex-Insanity I need to convert into prose because my bby Sunset deserves more mindfucking.

One thing I'm looking forward to is Sakura Gakuin FINALLY holding its 2019 graduation ceremony a week from now. It was supposed to be at the end of March, but was pushed back multiple times and now, with COVID cases spiking in the Tokyo area (by Japan standards), they're left with no choice but to livestream it. However, in so doing, they've opened it up to foreigners like me. You better believe I bought a ticket and yes I'll probably be awake at 3am to see the preshow live -- it'll be archived for a day, but I want to see it as it happens if I possibly can.

August 30th.

They say you can't go home again. I guess when you DO, it works both ways -- it was difficult returning to my hometown after having not lived here in 15 years; I'm already feeling antsy about leaving and going home to my adopted hometown (my state's college-town, just 40min west of here) and letting my dad's longtime assistant care for his dog in my stead. She adores that dog -- everyone should, he's a Golden Retriever -- but I'm not the trusting type and, as I said, not willing to let go. Dad was the same way. As I expected, he refused to leave this mortal coil without a fight. I won't go into details as they're unpleasant.

People in the loop think I'm some sort of saint for having stayed here helping take care of him for so long until the end. I just saw it as my duty since I'm too neurotic to hold down a real job. But I couldn't do it alone -- partly due to my physical weakness and also to my OCD (officially diagnosed, I'll remind you). And because I was encouraged NOT to go into the family business -- Law -- I can't take over said business, though I'm determined to see it continue and hopefully find a role for myself even though I'm not an attorney. I've no doubt I could do the brain work; I didn't go to law school because I worried the pressure would literally kill me because I handle stress so badly.

Incidentally, I'm a few years older than my dad was when his dad (my grandpa) died. Also my dad realized earlier this year he lived longer than his beloved older sister, who we lost 15yrs ago to cancer.

TL;DR -- My dad died. I'm having difficulties moving on but have to. I hope to resume writing for you soon.

Peace out.

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Sorry to hear it, man.

It honestly doesn't sound strange at all. XD After all that shit I'd wanna go home too. I'm just glad you're leaving the feelings behind there at the house, rather than it being in your home where you live, that way you CAN get a breath of fresh air, so to speak, after all you've been through. Good job sticking with it through to the end. <3

First, take care of yourself and your moving on. That shit comes first at all times.

I'm super behind on my feed due to life being nuts--but I'm sorry. What a year. The hits keep on coming. :raritycry:

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