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A goofy little miss that's here to write and draw to her heart's content. Her imagination doesn't know when to shut off.

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    And Now, A Newsletter

    Huh, back in July I said I oughta talk more around here. It's now the day after Christmas and I have not, in fact, talked more around here.

    So, I'll give you the rundown on what I've been up to since then. Warning, it gets a little long in talking about last summer's vacation and about a new fixation I have.

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  • 27 weeks
    Crawlin' Out of My Hole Once Again

    I mostly lurk these days, though I do wonder if I oughta type up more blog posts whenever I want to blow off steam or show you art or ramble about stuff that may or may not even be pony-related. I mean, I've been drawing more ducks these days...

    Regardless, nothing like some recent CheesePie content to get me talking, eh?

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    Poppin' In to Ramble

    Subjects include a certain two-parter comic involving a certain ship, G5, and some stuff from my life.

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  • 56 weeks
    Christmas Newsletter

    A Merry Christmas to you and you and you, and your families. I apologize for not being around much, and when I am, I'm just lurking in the shadows and trying to find something interesting to look at. So I haven't said anything since August, and I'll bring you up to speed on the ups and downs of the last few months.

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Happy Birthday to Me · 1:17pm Aug 21st, 2020

Please let this be a good day, I've been having a bad week.

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Comments ( 7 )

Here's hoping. Happy birthday. :twilightsmile:

I wish you many happy returns and to have a nice and pleasant Happy Birthday:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::derpytongue2:

Many Happy returns and may you have many more!

Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one!

Happy Birthday, Sketcha-Holic!

Happy birthday!! I hope you had a great day, and that your days ahead are better :pinkiesmile:

Happy late late late late birthday!

Hope your days have been okies and stress-free. 💖

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