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Just a Fanfic writer. My pet peeve are people trying to get me to update too fast when I take my Time! Buy Me Coffee: https://ko-fi.com/clinthoyt

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Why I take Time with my Stories · 1:02am Aug 20th, 2020

a few people, whose names I shall not mention, have made fun and trolled me on the way I write. They hate it because I take it slow. Why I take it slow is not only because of RL, but also the fact you don't rush ART!

writing is an Art, no matter what anyone thinks. It takes time for writing, to make sure things are perfict. If you have problems with that, then don't read my stories. I am an artist and I like taking time to write. If you can't handle it, then leave me alone.

Every big writer here on this site can tell you that Writing stories take time. It could take months or years for them to make a story perfect.

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