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I'm alive! Kinda'... · 8:07pm Aug 17th, 2020

Hello hello to anyone reading this! I'm alive... sorta. I caught COVID-19 and was stuck in the hospital for quite a while, but rejoice! I'm ALIVE with fresh new ideas and stuff.

Also, the WHO facilities in Saskatoon are fucking amazing! Glad my suffering went to a noble cause at making a vaccine for this horrible disease. Trust me, it sucked like being gassed-slash-incinerated by Hitler while drowning in Hydrochloric Acid. Bleh...

I'm going to go over my notes for my stories to see what needs to change or improve. Followed by trying my hand at something new to get myself back into the swing of things. Wish I had a laptop or something. Old reliable finally kicked the bucket after the heatsink died, causing the cpu to melt. Oh well. I'll try posting on my cell or something... Whatever.

Remember, where a mask, wash your hands, and enact social distancing and all that jazz!

Seriously, I almost died. COVID-19 isn't a joke.

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Well I'm glad you're feeling better, would be horrible to have another amazing person be victim to Covid

Congratulations on your recovery. I don't mind how long it takes for you to put out new chapters for your stories. After all I've been waiting over a year for an update on Last Sunset, and not once have I gotten impatient.

If you ever need a prereader/proofreader or someone to bounce ideas off of, I'm not hard to reach.

Sorry I’m late to the party man. Welcome back. Came in contact with a private who may have had it. Being quarantine for a while. So know I’m scared shitless. So I feel u on this disease. It’s not a joke

Congrats on getting better! My goddaughter was sick with that and she no has the dubious honor of being one of those long-haulers though at least she's here still. *holds a glass aloft* Here's hoping you continue to get and stay better.

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