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Just Gonna Move Along I Guess · 3:20pm Aug 17th, 2020

So, we had the viewing on Wednesday and the graveside service on Thursday. Had to wear a mask at both (I can't wait to burn the stupid masks, they're driving me nuts), and the funeral home only allowed fifty people in so there were separate times for family and friends visiting (and my uncle was a beloved member of his neighborhood, so there was a huge line when we left to take a break before returning for the final closing of the casket). I think about half of us cried at least once while there (me included, and I don't usually cry easily out of sadness). It was especially sad to see my aunt saying goodbye to her husband.

The strange thing about seeing someone you knew in life dead in a casket is that the body doesn't even look like them. You take a minute to look between it and the pictures of them enjoying life on display, and it's really hard to see the resemblance. It's so surreal, and you wish it was a dream, that it's just a stupid prank that you'll snap at him for later, and that you'll just see him at later family get-togethers as usual. As a matter of fact, when the family came together on Sunday to celebrate a cousin (not the deceased uncle's daughter) coming home from a mission in Portugal (she came home just before the funeral, imagine how it must've felt having that being the first thing you attend), I noted that it was strange to see my dad and another uncle sitting together in conversation with the third member of their trio gone.

Anyway, we're all now just going forward with life, and while we're all sad he's gone and we're going to miss him, we'll still be smiling and laughing together, because we still have lives to enjoy and he'd want us to enjoy it. Plus, he's probably joking around with Grandpa and his parents, and building staircases in heaven.

Anyway, in other news, my birthday's on Friday and don't you just love it when your parents end up forgetting that it's that day and plan a freakin' camping trip? Normally, I'm up for something different on my birthday (I consider my best birthday to be my eighth, when we were visiting Mount Rushmore), but a few things make me irritated with this. Such as them scheduling it on my birthday without them realizing that it was my birthday until I pointed it out, and not really consulting me about it (but keeping in mind my sister's upcoming school schedule)? The fact that if I want time off I have to have two weeks' notice for work (the exception being the funeral) and I felt so panicked when filling out that request form because I feel like I'm asking too much? It being too soon after not only the (Dad's side) family campout, but also the funeral?

I get wanting a last hurrah of summer, but, geez! All I wanted for my birthday was a pair of guinea pigs.
And maybe going somewhere to swim, because I enjoy swimming and hey, we have plenty of reservoirs in our state.

Okay, I'll end this on a more pleasant note.

Here's a couple of Instagram accounts, they're both mine. I just wanted another platform to share my art. *shrug*

Okay? Okay.

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