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Twilight Cultists (Starfleet: Rebellion) · 4:08am Aug 17th, 2020

(A Bit of history for my story "Starfleet Rebellion")

The Death of Twilight Sparkle was a tragic event, one that would continue to haunt many for years. But when Lightning Dawn declared that Twilight was at fault for her own Death, this lead to Riots and threats, showing that many Equestrians loved Twilight and even more shocking to the egomaniac that was Lightning Dawn, a Minority of Unicornicopians also joined in, declaring their love for Twilight Sparkle and their Hate for Lightning Dawn.

This was the beginning of the Rise of the Cults of Twilight.

There is no single Cult, but many sects. All of them have one cause: that of Twilight Sparkle and her Martyring. Their Core believe is that Twilight Sparkle was an Avatar of Faust, Supreme Goddess of Pony Kind and She of Many races. She was the Messiah for all ponies, only to be murdered by Raven, who they view as working for the Pony they view as he very devil himself: Lightning Dawn.

Most Twilight Cults are peaceful, preaching to all that would hear about the message of Friendship and it's power over hate. But even The Twilight movement has a Dark side as there are many fanatical cults, such as the Church of the Sword of Twilight Sparkle, which sees that action is needed to avenge their Goddess. That Action has come in the form of attacks on Starfleet officers, terrorist acts and death threats. other violent Twilight Cults have vowed to kill Lightning Dawn, Celesto and Celesto's own children.

Dispite the pleads and fits of Lightning Dawn, Starfleet has not banned the Twilight Cults, and their numbers are growing, with not only ponies (Equestrian and Unicornicopian) but with other races joining the Cults.

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