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*noises of a horse vagueposting* · 1:54am Aug 15th, 2020

Boy, you have some gullible fuckin' followers, fam.

The first time you posted one of these chat logs a while back, I was one of the few chiming in with skepticism, but a screencap of the actual Discord messages was enough to make it believable enough for me at the time. And to be honest, I don't follow you, so I didn't see any of the follow-up "chatlogs" you shared until Gara posted her blog a bit ago, and I was like, "Hey, that has the same energy of the thing that one user shared a while back..."

Anyway, now I'm caught up, and I gotta say: you really suck at this.

I mean, to be fair, you don't really have to be that good at it. An easily faked burner Discord account (usernames always conveniently censored, of course, with just enough plausible deniability to make it seem reasonable) is apparently more than enough to keep a solid number of people who don't know anything more about actual "Marxists" than you do thoroughly entranced by your encounters with the incorrigible radical left. But honestly, I don't care that you're clueless about actual leftist philosophy. Most people are. Most leftists are, for Christ's sake.

Honestly, I'm just amazed at how pathetic this is, and how you're so desperate for attention that you've now written several editions of Discord commie fanfic that just got more and more implausible with every chapter. Like, you didn't even bother to change your writing style for this one, or even vaguely try to make this supposed Discord rando resemble a real human being as opposed to an embarrassingly obvious strawman. I don't know why you didn't bother. Maybe you're just a shitty writer, though I don't follow you or read your stories, so I truly wouldn't know. Maybe you've realized--accurately, I'd say--that you don't need to bother with realism now that you have your captive audience of chuds desperate to believe in a fairy tale of an impending Lenin-loving Red Dawn revolution.

Either way, this is... there's no other word for it. It's legitimately pathetic. It makes me feel bad for you. Not in a "I want to talk to you and find out who hurt you" way, more in a "there but for the grace of God go I" way. I can't imagine being the age I am now and still not having matured past my teenage obsession with positive praise for my writing, the fixation that was so overpowering it stunted my desire and ability to actually improve as an artist. I can't imagine debasing myself in this way, being reduced to posting intricately--though not convincingly--falsified chatlogs so you can maintain the illusion, or perhaps the delusion, that you have anything worth saying to the world, or anyone who would listen to what you said because you're the one saying it, not just because you're singing a tune they already know.

It's genuinely sad to see the depths a human can sink to when they've lost all self-respect, and I'm not saying that in jest or with sarcastic irony. You've got more followers than me--goddamn, you've got a fanbase. And it's not enough. It's clearly not even close to filling the hole in the center of you where something of substance should be. God help you, for fucking real.

And in the meantime, a friendly bit of advice: stop embarrassing yourself like this. Your "friends" who buy into your bullshit will abandon you the second you drop the act. Get it over with now so you can realize what an ass you've been and start doing something about it.

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A certain individual has a brain as smooth as a lube and butter slide.

I bet it gets smoother with each blog they make.

Author Interviewer

Okay, so that's two blogs about the same topic and I still have no idea what's going on.

Probably for the best.

...I'm confused.


Though, just checking, Aquaman: is garatheauthor the subject of your post? Hopefully not and I'm guessing not, but I am, as I said, confused, and at least some bits of this and the linked post and comments seem to read that way to me? I thought I'd ask and make sure.

Consider who posted a certain blue-eyed blonde-maned pony story recently. Look at their blogs.

Yeah same. But also, still pretty happy about it. Vagueblog away!

Gara was just the person whose blog directed me (back) to the person this blog is allegedly about.

Reese #7 · Aug 15th, 2020 · · 1 ·

...Well, I don't see such a thing in the feature box, or in the front page New column; I guess I could look more into New stories, but you sound like maybe you expect me to already know?

On the plus side, however, I can check garatheauthor's recent stories and see an absence of such there, and note that no such stories have shown up in my feed, so that would seem to at least clear up those concerns. Thanks!

So, yeah, still don't know what's going on, but as PresentPerfect was saying, I'm not sure it would be better to fix that here.

And thanks for giving explicit clarification there!
(That it wasn't her, I mean. I still don't know who or exactly what you're talking about...)

Gonna take this to PMs. If anyone else wants the contest, just shoot me a PM.

Lol how did this not occur to me? Honestly, every reactionary here has twisted themselves into such a... peculiar? position wrt this whole thing that credulity is not even on the radar of these blog posts. The two I read before I started ignoring them is just a (sockpuppet) discord rando asking inane strawmen questions and admitting to not reading the stories, and the author being self righteous about not being a nazi.

We've gone all the way from talking about banning the thing (insert 100 steps i tried and failed to type up 100 times) to reactions to a thing made out of spite to show you can use bad aesthetics in completely unrelated ways. If your spiteful absurdist fic is not being read and analyzed properly, and you're angry about that, how do we even talk about that? And you're making up the criticism that's unrelated to the fic... and looped around to being about the thing because the person didn't read your fic that proved you can use thing symbology without talking about the thing? How do we close this loop? It feels like we're in one of those reddit posts where the guy has multiple mirros and cameras to take pictures of himself... except he's a bot and it's a watercolor and also an irconic MRA when you look at his comment history.

Y'know what, I'm just gonna come out and say it: I'm 90% sure they're all talking about TittySparkles.

There. Like ripping off a bandage, innit?
well, technically it's a spoiler tag, not a bandage, but hopefully you get what i'm saying

Tangentially related ... my next story has 'screenshots' of phone conversations, instagrams, some other format I can't be bothered to remember ... it's totally a work of fiction and meant to be imagined as such (Electronic Arts does not sponser a Pegasus in Korea, for example), and it's really easy to gin up a fake conversation that looks legit, even for a Luddite like me....

Thanks, I guess? But I still had already (correctly, it looks like) established I didn't seem to have anything to do with whoever it was anyway, and the first I heard anything about this was this blog post, so... I don't know, maybe you thought I needed to know anyway? Eh.

Maybe you're just a shitty writer

I read a couple of their pieces before all this happened. They are.

You've got more followers than me

Which goes to show exactly how poor the reading public's taste is. The last laugh is yours, because you have actual skill.

I almost feel bad for unfollowing the subject of this blog cuz it meant missing out on this entertainment.


So I felt compelled to go see what's up with That One Person in question...

Goddamn. The monkey puppet meme doesn't do this shit justice, and it genuinely hurts to see them use it as the endcap to their "argument."

Also out of the loop here, and given the circumstances, I think I'm happy about that. :applejackconfused:

RoMS #18 · Aug 15th, 2020 · · 2 ·

Reminder that said author that will remain unnamed faked a roommate a few months back, to prop themselves up by posting messages like:

Don't you know who [author] is!?

It was pathetic. And it remains that way.

Author Interviewer

I'm so fucking torn. Knowledge is just a few clicks away, but not knowing is what's helping me sleep at night. D:



Once you find out somepony is willing to lie about stuff like that, it's difficult to trust anything they say.

The sad thing is if you just want to make the argument, you can always admittedly make up a straw pony like philosophers would do, such as Galileo with his Dialogue. You don't have to pretend it's real as a scare tactic.

The best part is when the two "different" people immediately agree that "Trump cares more about other people than he does himself" using the exact same language and diction.

Honest Amazon five-star review: "This product and/or service performs as expected and good value."

Choose your fighter! :rainbowdetermined2:

Number of reviews: 1


Number of reviews: 645*
(*all reviews are exactly the same)

:rainbowlaugh: Yepyep! It's particularly fun when the one-star reviews nearly outnumber the 5-stars, with not much in between. Always read the text!

Now in the main arena, "This good product. Bring many happiness." vs. "The damned thing exploded and killed my cat!!!"

The best part about these specimens is that they always, always out themselves, usually with some variety of grand self-own.

You don't need to bother trying.

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