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  • 4 weeks
    The G5 Story About King Sombra is Out Now!

    Although I unfortunately could not get EnigmaDoodles to do the cover art for the story, the awesome Skyey-Pony took on a commission to do the art and the story is now posted! It's both a G5 story and G4 story in one that incorporates the recently given explanation for the IDW comic canon/show canon contradictions as a plot point to do something new for King Sombra. As always, hope you guys like

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  • 5 weeks
    New G5 Story About King Sombra Coming Soon!

    I started this year off by finishing a story I wrote about Sunny and Izzy looking back at a record from the past and learning about King Sombra. I'd like to post it now, but I need cover art for the story. I asked EnigmaDoodles, but she might not be able to do it because of some real life troubles, wish her the best. I am willing to pay any artist who's open for commissions money for the cover

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  • 33 weeks
    My New G5 Story is Now Out!

    The first day of the summer equinox is here, and so is my new G5 story about Sunny's summer! You may not understand every part of it if you haven't seen Tell Your Tale, but I hope it'll be a fun read regardless!

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  • 33 weeks
    New G5 Story - Updated Title/Synopsis, Release Date, and Preview

    The new G5 story has almost completed production and has been given a minor title change in addition to a more detailed synopsis I plan to use for the long description.

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  • 33 weeks
    I'm Returning to Writing Comedy With an All New G5 Story Soon!

    You read that right, I have a G5 gag story in the works, one that will be based off the Tell Your Tale series. Although it will be E-rated unlike all my other gag stories barring Ace Swift Wasn't Evil (a kid-friendly version of an M-rated story done for a joke) and Pull the Tail on the Pony and written seriously (at least serious enough for TYT standards, heh), it will be the first comedy story

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My First Serious Human in Equestria Story Comes Tomorrow! (Preview) · 1:48am Aug 15th, 2020

Yes, almost a year after the show is over, I finally get an idea in my head of how to finally make a Human in Equestria story work. The genre has a bad rap, I know, but I finally came up with an idea that I absolutely could not resist writing about, something that I have never seen before. I'm sure it's been done before, but this is something I came up with without any inspiration from other HiE fics, as I have not recently read any discounting the fantastic I Am Not Sombra. It's about how a human communicates with Windigos, and I will be giving the Windigos their own origin story...here's a preview...

"In an ancient Equestrian legend, it is told that two millenniums ago, the land was ravaged by a malevolent demon named Belohzhero. He assaulted the land with endless waves of snowstorms and spared none who dared to confront him his wrath. The ones he struck down, their souls are said to have become the wind beasts known as Windigos, and they too joined in his destruction once he found control over their hearts. It seemed there would be no hope for Equestria ever defeating such a foe, until an unnamed group of friends discovered the one thing that could bring him down...warmth.

This warmth is what banished Belohzhero to the ice in the far reaches of the North where he remains today, leading the Windigos to pass on to the world after. But their spirits can very much still find their way back to the living world, manifesting as invisible apparitions. And Equestria is not the only living world they can return to either... 

Contrary to popular misconception, the Windigos are not hive-minded. Some only return to Equestria as visible apparitions in times of great civil unrest, seeking vengeance upon the world where they were cruelly killed, while others quietly watch beings from other worlds in an attempt to understand warmth. They can explore the souls of other beings, searching for the fire that sparked the hearts of the ones who took down Belohzhero.

Yes, since no pony of Equestria’s peaceful times of today would allow them into their hearts, trust them with the secret of the fire, or understand their hardship of ancient times, they instead seek out creatures who have had to find their own source of warmth. Creatures who have had to numb themselves and repress their contempt in a world that is still dark, cold, and hateful in order to survive...humans. The stronger hate in the hearts of humans fuels their power more efficiently, giving them the ability to create heat as well as cold. 

One night, three Windigos find a human with a fire that fascinates them so much, they get a devious idea. They decide to make direct contact for the first time...this is where our story begins..."

The pilot chapter is entirely written out, and will be posted tomorrow. :pinkiesmile:

UPDATE: The story is out now! :pinkiehappy:

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