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  • 67 weeks
    So who all is still here?

    Kinda hard to tell who's still here when half the list is either banned or they've been gone for absolute bloomin' ages. Anyone familiar still around here?
    Been a CRAZY last two years hasn't it :pinkiecrazy:

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  • 162 weeks
    I'm Alive Kind Of Sort Of Maybe-ish

    I got a new PC a bit ago but there were some issues with Google not saving my passwords correctly so I had to do some excessive guesswork and whatnot, and I've been a bit busy with the attempt at getting the hell out of here, here being my current residence. However now that the first thing has been taken care of maybe things will start being easier to deal with? Just maybe slightly hopefully? A

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  • 186 weeks
    And I'm Still Kinda Stuck

    New computer is an old laggy piece of spiff that can barely even run IE so I might just have to get a cheap $200 laptop for the time being like I originally planned. I JUST WANT TO WRITE FOR THE LOVE OF DAGON!!!

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  • 187 weeks
    Been a while hasn't it?

    I've been around the site for the past gew months on my phone due to my laptop having the audacity to up and die on me. However I had a few messages asking me if I was dead. I am not, in fact I'm currently in the process of writing two more stories! MUAHAHAHA! One is a rather fetishy clopfic (yeah figured I'd try again) and one is a surprise for any of you who like dark and horror and such like

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  • 218 weeks
    This Place Needs an App

    Trying to navigate this place on my phone due to crappy laptop is quite difficult and hell just logging in was pretty lengthy as a process due to rubbish phone stuff.

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So who all is still here? · 3:38pm Aug 13th, 2020

Kinda hard to tell who's still here when half the list is either banned or they've been gone for absolute bloomin' ages. Anyone familiar still around here?
Been a CRAZY last two years hasn't it :pinkiecrazy:

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Comments ( 40 )

I'll be damned. The thing lives

I'm literally always here. I'm basically a feature of the site at this point. :rainbowlaugh:

Reminds me of my youth when I was here like 16 hours out of a day plffft:rainbowlaugh:

That thing right there. That sakrament thing. Disappeared for so long. What are you, like, 35 now? Damn it's been a long time.

Hey now, ain't gotta put me on the spot like that, I turn 22 this year :trixieshiftleft:

'S also hard to figure out who's who when a good chunk of 'em have changed their names and such Xd I feel like the newbiiiieeeeee

I'm still here, and I ain't leavin' anytime soon.

Mmmm so young such supple skin.
Congrats either way.
Nice to know one of my few favorite people on here has besides to pop in.

Oh muh gawd I sort of remember you :pinkiegasp:

I had my yearly run for my job this morning. It was cloudy instead of a celestial hate orb burning me the whole time. First time that has ever happened. I pass. And then you show up? Halloween must have came early this year.

I haven't ever changed my name! Not even on Nightmare Night. :ajsmug:

Guess my memory is even worse than I thought Xd

I don't think we talked that much back in the day.

We probably might not have but I tried to remember as many peeps as possible >~< Bleeehh

Suhoslfbisbfsf it doesn't feel fine, grr

5334983 Well, I'm happy about that.
Been on here awhile myself.
Since November 2011, actually.

Dang dat's a nice long time

5335041 Yeah, it is.
Been on here a year shy of how long the show ran.

You think I'd do anything less? How little faith you have!

Hey now I never said I had no faith :raritydespair:

Smart person! All the same, been here since summer '14 and am still bumming around here now!

I haven't even watched the show since beginning of season 5 so I'm waaaayyy out of the loop lol

Wow. I'd say so! You've missed quite a lot then.

Ooohhhh yeah, feelsbadman

Would you even be interested in attempting to catch up is the question?

Well sure I suppose, I'm not against it ^^

Ok. Then my next statement is necessary: Everything post season 5 gets crazier than before. Heck I'm still not over season 8!

Trust me, it's nuts! Yet Season 9 (and effectively the series) could not have ended on a better note. Despite others thinking different.

Hmm, fair, I might have to give it a watchy at some point

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