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In which Emi eats sushi, and other Splintershard news: · 6:48am Aug 13th, 2020

From what'll eventually become the next chapter:

I'm planning on writing out a few chapters first to build up my chapter stockpile before publishing any. For now though, I'll keep on postin' random out-of-context snippets of what's been written!

Also, I'm getting art commissioned of Emi and the spoon she sometimes uses as a wand. Not gonna reveal her design yet, though. It's a surprise! Until then, feel free to keep imagining her as a faceless E N T I T Y that happens to sass on everyone and be a doofus 90% of the time. :V

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I think I had that stuff before....

sushi is good

unless you don't like fish or are allergic

Smoked salmon.... *angel choir*

Ha, jokes on you, I already read this when you posted it on your Discord server hours ago!

Linkin Park is best singer. Yeah? Anyways, I was like.... 8 when I last ate smoked salmon sadly

I was about to say since when did I post it on my Discord but then I remembered that I started another server :V

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