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Camping Trip 5 · 5:05pm Aug 12th, 2020

”Alright, um... we might as well get moving on finding that spare tire so we can get back home.”

”Right. I’ll try to see if I can spot the nearest gas station...”

(Hikari takes off...)

”Well... anyone seen Oculus? We need to see if he’s feeling well enough to help.”

“Oculus insisted he was okay. Though none of us exactly believed him.”

”...Why don’t you go check on him? I mean, then, he could always tell you directly, right?”

”Err, right. I’ll... just go do that.”

(Ocellus opens up the back of the van to see Oculus and Pentagon pressed up against one another, and, um... kissing...)

*gasp* “Oculus!

(Oculus and Pentagon pull away from each other, both looking shocked and mortified at Ocellus...)

”...Ocellus... Ocellus, babe, I can explain!”

”...Save it.”

(Umbra, Passion Fruit, and Hikari seem to be solving some sort of dispute before Ocellus comes storming back their way...)

”Ocellus? Ocellus, what’s wrong?”

”Hey, what is going on?”

”Ocellus, wait!”

No! Don’t call me, don’t talk to me, don’t... don’t even look at me. I’m done with you, Oculus. It’s over.”

(Ocellus walks away, and just as Oculus is about to chase after her, he collapses, bawling hysterically...)

”Ocellus, wait up!”

(Hikari chases after her as Pentagon comes around...)

”Well, hello there, stranger.”

”Passion, quiet. Pentagon, what happened?”

(Pentagon doesn’t answer but instead tries to frantically comfort Oculus...)

”Oculus! Oculus, it’s okay, she doesn’t understand... i-it was just a big misunderstanding!”

(Oculus just keeps sobbing...)

Comments ( 20 )

Oh boy...um...I don't know who to offer comfort to...

How about my best friend?

Well, that's obvious! Of course I'd comfort Oculus! I'm just saying, both sides in this case need comfort, and while Oculus has all of us, Ocellus ran off and no one except Hikari bothered to follow her. So both sides have a reason to be given consolation

But Ocellus just assumed they were a thing!

I know that! Which is why Oculus obviously deserves comfort. But usually what immediately follows anger and harshness like Ocellus displayed is tears. She's probably also crying now that she's alone, and needs consolation as well


Yeah, uh... I can’t decide who would be more in shambles.


I mean, he didn’t do anything to deserve this. Right?

Yeah...if I knew how to do Discord's trick of making a copy of myself I'd do it and send the duplicate to help Ocellus while my real self helped Oculus

He didn’t, but... Ocellus doesn’t know that. She just caught him making out with Pentagon.

Yeah, if only...

Yeah...for now...I pick comfort Oculus first, then once making sure he's calmer, go find Ocellus, talk some sense into her and get her to come back to discuss things calmly with Oculus

So much for “shipping” the two...

Whenever she decides to.

You said you shipped Pentagon and Oculus. And when Ocellus was brought up? You said she has Smolder.


I wasn't trying to be insensitive! I was just saying that what if, while Ocellus is trying to come to terms with Pentalus, she goes to her friends for comfort...Smolder manages to console her and over time a relationship builds. I wasn't trying to be insensitive to her.

Sorry...I just didn't want to seem insensitive...

I think Pentagon would be a bit angry at her though.

Well it’s clear she loved Oculus, and judging from how upset she was when she found out.

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