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Camping Trip 4 · 2:47pm Aug 12th, 2020

(After the gang had settled down and set up camp near the van, Pentagon was sitting with Oculus in the back of the van...)

”...How’re you feeling?”

”I told you I was fine.”

”Yeah, you didn’t look fine when you were literally breaking your own antlers off.”


(Oculus looks away...)

”Hey, hey, look at me...”

(Pentagon turns Oculus’ head to face him...)

”Why did you do that?”

”Um... I just... I got tired of... of...”

“Of what?”


”What? What is it?”

”I’ll... tell you later. We can wait until we get back.”

”Okay, so... Oculus is resting in the van. We’ll have to—”

”—With Pentagon. In the van resting with Pentagon.”

(Umbra smacks Passion Fruit upside the head again...)

”Ah! So this is the first time you touch me in front of everybody!”

”Passion Fruit, this isn’t about you.”

”Ugh. Umbra’s right, Passion.”

”Uh Huh. He was probably super open about his relationship with you, though.”

Passion Fruit!

Comments ( 24 )

Passion, okay, you're really sweet and nice and all but you need to calm down and stop this

Passion would disagree.

But he's being really rude. Just because he wants to be public about his own relationship doesn't mean he can out Pentagon and Oculus

Yeesh, Passion’s an asshole

True, true. Doesn’t mean he won’t, though.

Heheh. Only when he wants to be.

But he's just being a jerka**

Didn’t need to add the ** really.

I mean, my no-cursing rule applies to online stuff too, so...

Yeah, no, you’re right. It’s just that Umbra doesn’t want to tell him he’s being a prick that directly.

Well he deserves it like, right now.

Yeah...so Pentagon and Oculus need to stand up for themselves
Fair enough...

Mhm. But then there’s Ocellus...

Does she even know about the “Oculus and Pentagon” thing?

Well...not necessarily come out kind of stand up for themselves, maybe just telling Passion to back off

...I mean, like, then she starts getting suspicious.

She’s being made aware of it. Y’know, by Passion.

Oh...yeah, that makes sense...

But...but she can't...she can't force them to remain platonically gay...

I love the way you said that— :rainbowlaugh:

You’re right. But she doesn’t think that.

So...what happens if she finds out?

Oooh, you’ll see.

Okay...I assume it's not going to be good?

I think this should sum it up for you:

Oh geez....poor Pentagon and Oculus...

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