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Hazbin Hotel Is Racist... how...? · 4:13am August 12th

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People like this make me lose faith in the human race

I lost this faith some years ago, this is just more fuel for it

I just don't understand the logic. If you hate something that much, why the fuck do you have to try and ruin it for everyone else? Just mind your own damn business and let the people who are happy about this show coming to tv be happy.

Because it's the human nature

People want attention. "Look at me, I hate something popular, I'm so quirky."
Or they just don't get that, you know, the show takes place in HELL. BAD PEOPLE GO THERE. And you're surprised there's sexists and racists and homophobic characters?

You what makes your comment hilarious? The fact that those same people say that because the show is set in hell is not a good excuse. WTF?

ah yes, i obviously expect the inhabitants of hell to respect others.
*the opening scene after Charlie's song is literally someone getting to hell and getting ran over*

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