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  • Today
    I just found out that Peter Robbins (VA of Charlie Brown) died

    Goddamnit. Why are all the good people dying?

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  • Tuesday

    Outside, the changelings had been sent outside. Foresight sat in the wagon. Baxter climbed in beside him, followed by Curvature and Lyce. Lyce stretched. “Do you think Chrysalis will settle this whole thing?”

    “More than likely,” Curvature replied, adjusting his glasses.

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  • Tuesday
    That was fast

    Hivehunter walked around Mount Aris, looking for Blue Fang. He stepped through one of the huts, and found the changeling of the hour, laying in a bed. “Blue?”

    “Hm?” Blue sat up, yawning. “Oh! Hive! Uh… what are you doing here?”

    “Well, Ky kinda… forced us to spread out and find you.”

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  • Tuesday
    So I’ve just installed TF2 on my dogshite computer

    Hope I’m not too late lol

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  • Tuesday

    Hero stepped into the living room, his braid now in a bun. “Hey guys? Do you think this bun is working?” he asked, fiddling with it.

    The group stared at him, before Fortuna leaned over. “It’s working in the terms of keeping me a lesbian.”

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HeroSins #3 · 4:06am Aug 12th, 2020

Everything Wrong With

Equestria Girls Random Scenarios: random moments #04

This was a request

(By this fella)

Zephyr Breeze was focused on one of the many games he had installed on his laptop, sitting on the sofa with a can of soda at his side.

The worst character ever is given the worst introduction. Not like the introduction is bad, but what he’s doing is bad.

Sin Count: 1

Fluttershy approaches him with a reproachful expression.

"You know Zephyr? Life is not about coming from school, having a drink and go playing."

First of all, big boy words.

Sin Count: 2

Second, as much as I hate admitting it, she has a point.

Sin Count: 3

The blonde guy pauses the game and meditates on his younger sister's words. "You're very right, Fluttershy. Won't you have a bag of peanuts with you?"

Wow. This guy is seriously drugged up.

Sin Count: 4

Fluttershy looks at him in frustration before rolling her eyes and leaving the room.

I get that Zephyr can be... well, a b*tch, but I still feel like Fluttershy would’ve done something.

Sin Count: 5

"Umm ... Rainbow Dash, it is necessary we need to do this?"

"Necessary? It's imperative we do this. The sooner we finish the better!"

"But don't you think it's bad to cut down these poor trees?"

Again, more big boy words.

Sin Count: 6

Also, ‘imperative’ doesn’t sound like something Rainbow would say.

Sin Count: 7

"Actually yes, but if you want to be passed over one of these days-"

Fluttershy didn't need to hear another word from her friend as she cuts down the tree. Then both girls cross to the other side of the neighborhood to repeat the same process.

Wait, why isn’t Aj helping?

Sin Count: 8

However, their actions were not going to go unnoticed because Twilight Sparkle and Spike were seeing it all.

"Can somebody explain me what is happening here?" The purple haired girl with glasses asks in an authoritative voice, placing her hands on her hip.

More big boy words!

Sin Count: 9

Also, why’d Twilight place her hand on her hip? I mean, that doesn’t sound like her. I think...

Sin Count: 10

"Hi Twilight! Hi Spike!"

Who said that?

Sin Count: 11

"Hi girls!" Spike returns the greeting, "Twilight and I were going to shopping at the store; yet we couldn't help but see how those trees were knocked down. That's illegal, right?"

Wait, can Spike speak English in EqG?

Sin Count: 12

"We know is ilegal Spike, but this is nothing but an heroic act at the best interest for society," declares Rainbow Dash defending fervently her actions.

"We know is ilegal"

Sin Count: 13

Twilight obviously finds no logic in the athlete's incongruous response. "That's absurd! What does that have to do with social interest?"

Big booooy wooooooords~

Sin Count: 14

"Because Derpy got her driver's license and already bought a new truck." Fluttershy answers with fear of just thinking about it.


Sin Count: 15

Jet Set and Upper Crust were watching the sunset while being on the seafront of a beach.

Is this an EqG ship?

Sin Count: 16

An image so wonderful that it seems to be the result of human imagination or out of a fairy tale.

That doesn’t sound like a fairy tale, that sounds like LSD.

Sin Count: 17

"Don't you think it's beautiful?" Upper Crust asks.

"Yes, it is. But I'd better go to another beach." Jet Set answers without much interest. The Crystal Prep girl gets really upset - she had been planning this romantic moment all week for this asshole to want to leave just like that!

So it is a ship.

Sin Count: 18

Also draaaamaaaa...

Sin Count: 19

"And why do you want to go to another beach!?"

"Because I'm already bored of waiting for the sun to go down." Says the boy before continuing on


Sin Count: 20

The Apple family was eating lunch except for Apple Bloom, who hadn't touched her plate.

"Apple Bloom, eat before your food gets cold," Granny Smith tells her granddaughter.

However, the younger Apple continues without trying her food. "I'm just not hungry, Granny Smith."

"Well, if you aren't willing to eat then we won't give you dessert."

"Neither any of you. I ate them moments ago." Apple Bloom says with a nervous smile.

Besides the grammatical error, dayyyyum.

Sin Count: 21

Mr. and Mrs. Cake passed through the aisles of the super market carrying supplies for the Sugarcube Corner and the house. Reaching another section, a product offer catches the attention of Mrs. Cake.

House mom in a nutshell.

Sin Count: 22

"Look at this darling: three large packages of dog food for just $ 102. We're bringing it!"

What dog food costs $100?

Sin Count: 23

"But sweetie, why do we need that stuff? We don't even have a dog for starting." Mr. Cake asks concerned about the unnecessary acquisition made by his wife.

"And what's the matter? We buy a dog and voila. Problem solved!"

I mean, there’s really no bad outcome here.

Sin Count: 22

A rather dismayed man arrives at Pinkie Pie's office. She goes out to meet him. "Good afternoon sir, what can I do for you?"

"Please doctor, tell me what is my wife's status?"

"I don't know. I don't have her on MyStable." Pinkie Pie replies with a smile.

They had a funeral a few days later. But not for the wife.

Sin Count: 23

Principal Celestia enters a restaurant and orders a roast chicken garnished with salad as a starter.


Sin Count: 24

However, she wasn't able to take even a small piece of the meat because she couldn't cut the chicken with the utensils; and it had been like this for about twenty minutes, which increased her frustration.

Who leaves roast chicken out like this?

Sin Count: 25

One of the waiters who passed by is aware of the situation and approaches to offer an advice. "Excuse me madam, what if you try to use your hands?"

What a great idea...

Sin Count: 26

If only it wasn’t for:

"I very much doubt it is going to work with my hands. This chicken has steel muscle." Says Celestia, showing the waiter both knife and fork now deformed after many tries to cut the chicken.

Sin Count: 28

Sunset Shimmer takes a bus that would drop her off at a stop near her apartment.

Wouldn’t be EqG without Sunset.

Sin Count: 29

What she hadn't counted on was the enormous number of passengers who got on the vehicle making it almost impossible to move inside it, so Sunset has to manage to make room for herself. While moving, Sunset drops a young man's wallet to the floor, so she quickly picks it up.

Every. Bus trip. Ever.

Sin Count: 30

"Hey, you dropped this. I hadn't noticed where I was going and-" suddenly Sunset Shimmer finds something inside that wallet she never thought to find. "But it's a picture of Twilight!"

Sunset grabs the boy by the collar of his jacket, lifting him until almost hitting his head against the roof of the bus. "You freak! Why is that picture doing in your wallet!? Who gave it to you!?"

Do we really wanna know?

Sin Count: 31

Seeing there is no answer, Sunset opts to get off her transport and go directly to Twilight's house with the aforementioned photo in hand. Once arrived, she starts calling for her.

"Twilight?... Twilight! Where are you?"

"I'm here!" Twilight comes down the stairs from the second floor to meet Sunset. "What's going on? Why are you screaming so much?"

"I ... uh ... err ... Because a guy stole my wallet on the bus!" Sunset Shimmer breaks down in tears not having the courage to tell Twilight what happened, much less about the picture.

Dat ending doe

Sin Count: 32

Story Sin Tally: 32

Sentence: Sent to EqG. (When it went downhill.)

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