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    No one:

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Camping Trip 3 · 3:17am Aug 12th, 2020

”Passion. Passion Fruit, wait.”

“What? Oh yeah, you only want me when it’s not in front of everyone else, right?”

”That’s ridiculous. Look, it’s just...”

”It’s just what? You don’t think everyone likes the thought of us being together?”

”It is not anywhere close to that! I just do not like screaming in everyone’s face that I’m in a relationship. That’s just... stupid.”

”So that’s how you feel? About you and me? Our whole relationship is just ‘stupid’?”

”Passion, no! It’s—“

”Guys, we have a problem!”

”...I keep telling you, I’m fine!”

(Passion and Umbra turn to a clearly distressed Pentagon, dragging Oculus by the hoof toward them. Oculus is covering his head, but Pentagon forces his hoof away...)

”...Look at you...”

”...Dude, stop it! I’m—“

”Oculus... Oculus, your antlers are broken!”

(Umbra looks utterly mortified. Passion covers his mouth in shock at Oculus’ bleeding head, the blood coming from two pieces of fractured bone where Oculus’ horns are supposed to be...)

”Wha... what happened?!”

”Guys, it’s no big deal, I just...”

”Yes it is! Oculus, I caught you literally doing it on purpose!”

”Yeah— he literally broke them off himself!”


”Look, just get me some bandages so we can patch him up!”

Comments ( 17 )

Oculus broke off his own antlers? Why would he do that?!

He has different colored antlers. One red, and one blue. I’m guessing he believed they were connected to the D’s.

So he believed that if he broke them off, he'd get rid of them...


Y'know, for some fucking reason, I thought he did that just so he could stick them up Pentagon's or his own butt for some weird broken horn fetish. How I came to this conclusion after watching Master Chief give the Covenant back their bomb is beyond me.

I... for some reason applaud you.

Well, for whatever the reason, thank you.
Don't be too confused, there's a fee for that. I get random, and completely unrelated thoughts all the time. This is just one of the few times I decided to share it with the world.

Yeah... I mean, he was probably just trying to rush the process. He seemed fine before

I wish I could give him a hug and make him feel better...

He could try and retaliate the hug, but he might warp something...

Yeah, that’s just how he feels..

Aww...poor Oculus...

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