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    Blackmailed! (Ocellus Version. Wait, what?)

    *Trots into Ocellus’ room* “Okay... as unlikely as it is, she’s gotta have something here...” *Checks drawer and finds hoofcuffs* “Okay... promising sign.” *checks second drawer and finds a magazine* “How to lose your virginity in a few easy steps... I swear, if I find a strapon or something, I’m gonna flip...”

    *He continues checking, yet finds nothing*

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  • Today
    No One:

    Dagger when he finds out Kydra might be the Bugbros‘ step sister:

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    What are your thoughts on Bleach?

    You know, this guy:

    Bleach looked over, watching as the Arabian picked the filly up. He sweated nervously and looked at Bleach.

    He shook his head. “Please, sir! S-She is only five!”

    Bleach bit his lip. He didn’t like this part of his job, but work was work. “I’m sorry sir. But you know how the Blade works.” He pulled out his revolver crossbow and aimed it at the two.

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  • Today
    Blackmailed! (Pharynx Edition)

    *Smirks and walks up to Pharynx* “Oh Papa Pharynx~ look what I found~”

    “Hm? Oh, what the?!”

    “Heheh, so, how to tell Tempest about this?” *holds up Tempest body pillow* “Heh, you are one sad bug. Tempest flashing her marehood? Such imagery. I bet Tempest or maybe Venom would love to hear about this.”

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  • Today

    *Walks up to Thorax* “Hey, Uncle Thorax?”

    “Hm? What is it?”

    “Does Auntie Ember know you have this?” *holds Thorax’s Ember body pillow up*

    *Blushes furiously* “H-How’d you find it...?”

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I just realized that the original BoSH song wasn’t taken down · 1:33am August 12th

But I still would’ve liked to have my rewrite...

Report MlpHero · 28 views · Story: The Battle of Sire's Hollows ·
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Comments ( 5 )

Well, it's a good song, and the story itself is amazing...

Thanks. I was just kind of upsetting to see of my favorite songs taken down

Aww...it's okay *gives hug*

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