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Council's Judgement · 6:28pm August 11th

Nothing so serious as yesterday's blog (and do help out Novel Idea if you can.) I'd just like to get a quick Strawpoll on a certain matter.

As always, please leave the comments section civil.

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Comments ( 36 )

Who has ever heard of yellow bacon? That just sounds unhealthy.

A pale orange is still orange.

It doesn't help that it varies based on which world she's in. In human land, she's closer to true yellow, while as a pony, she's more goldenrod. Either way, I wouldn't call her orange.

I think of Sunset as being more of a golden (or goldenrod, if one wants to distinguish from a metal) or amber color.

For what it’s worth, PerBang.dk describes her human skin color as “light amber” (#FADF87) and her unicorn coat color as “brilliant amber” (#F9CA55).

I'd argue neither myself but I voted to what was closest.

5333597 5333598
What I'm getting from this is that I don't have nearly enough internal Rarity to properly appreciate the issue I've raised.

> Looks at poll

...You play a dangerous game.

What have you done FoME? Do you realize the chromatic chaos you've potentially unleashed?

iisaw #9 · August 11th · · 1 ·

The part of the pie chart that represents the votes for "yellow" is orange. This is deeply troubling to me.

I think it's orange, but it's so light and close to yellow, it can seem that way. Especially when in contrast to the red in her hair. Yet when you look at her next to a fully yellow character, such as Fluttershy, you can see the orange tone to the coat more.

I put yellow because she's yellow in my head, but looking on Derpibooru I'm now having a hard time convincing myself that she is not in fact orange. I think it might depend on her surroundings.

She's a pretty borderline case, but I'd say orange simply because her coat/skin is contrasted with both the red and yellow in her hair.

I too noticed this, and had a good chuckle.

Officially she's amber (light amber in human form, and either brilliant or bright amber in pony form, I forget which), so I suppose it comes down to whether you think amber is orange or yellow.

Personally, I'd say neither, since amber is treated as a distinct middle point between yellow and orange on the colour wheel.

I voted orange, but I think I just convinced myself of yellow after the fact. Compare the Google results for “shades of orange” and “shades of yellow.” To my eye, the yellow results were way closer.

That's a damn good question right there. The sort of question I'd expect to see a 1-2K word fluff fic about. Might technically be orange? But she's such a light shade that it looks closer to yellow to me, so that's what I voted for. I've always thought of her as sort of golden coloured? But then, looking back at when I wrote her in Fire Burning, my first writer instinct was to describe her as light amber.

Damn it, FOME. This is gonna bother me all day now.

[looks at some pictures]
...Kind of more yellow as a Pedestrian, orange as a pony? Maybe? I don't know, it looks kind of in-between to me, too.

Given only two choices I picked "orange" but given all the color choices I'd say "amber" because that was the word that came to mind when I read the question but not the options.

I'd say she's yellow-orange but when you do colors like that the second is primary with shading from the first.

I put orange because her coat is darker than the yellow in her mane

All her colors (As of Rainbow Rocks)


She's really amber and neither orange nor yellow. But if those are the only 2 options, I'd say her skirt is orange, but her skin is yellow with an orange-ish outline. Her hair is yellow and red.

The wiki lists her as amber-colored, and a darker amber as a unicorn. In eight color Crayola box world, I consider to be more orange.

Closer to orange if you ask me. (And you did!)


Kind of more yellow as a Pedestrian, orange as a pony? Maybe?

See now, I thought the exact opposite. XD Pony Sunset feels yellower to me.

Author Interviewer

She's an orange horse, but when humanized, is a bit more Caucasian than anything. Just like Applejack, as a matter of fact. Which makes me think that using the actual robust orange coat color for people skin was perhaps more unsettling than it was worth.

How prescient.

Instead of a survey why don't we solve this with SCIENCE!?

I found the hex codes of orange (#ffa500) yellow (#ffff00) her coat in unicorn form (#ffca54) and her skin in human form (#fdd678) and then plotted all of it on a COLOR WHEEL. This is a visual representation of how close things are (the dots aren't in the exact position of the hex code since I had to eyeball multiple images together, but they're pretty close. And yes, the color "yellow" apparently lies slightly outside what we see as the "yellow spike" in the color wheel. Strange.)


In both human and unicorn form, the colors are closer to orange than yellow, so they are orange! Sunset Shimmer is orange! SCIENCE comes to the rescue!

Though the point made in other comments that light orange is basically a skin-tone is a good point.

-GM, master of fabric.

Huh. Curious. What a question FoME has raised! :D

She's a pony—a person. Do we really have to label her? Yes, yes we do. She's orange.
And I'm disappointed that there wasn't a Gorge of Eternal Peril option, here (blue!).

her mane is mcdonalds.


You're only looking at closeness by its position on the rim - but you couldn't easily find pink that way, could you? It aligns all across light red and violet, closer to the center. Consider instead her skin colour on the subtractive color spectrum, CYMK:


This puts it closest to salomie which is formally classified as a very light orange - but with a bit less magenta in it, which is what makes a more obviously 'yellow' into a more obviously 'orange'. Her horse colour is more clear cut, but her human skin tone? We're at the bleeding edge of epistomology here; I'd argue it's both colors simultaneously.

Trick question. Her coat color is brilliant amber, which is halfway between yellow and orange. As a human, her skin color is just a shade closer to yellow.

Fluttershy is Yellow and Applejack is Orange, so using them as goalposts for color association, I honestly believe that Sunset Shimmer is right in the middle as a warm Gold.


That's a damn good question right there. The sort of question I'd expect to see a 1-2K word fluff fic about.

. . . I may have to write an installment of Lectern’s New and Used Books about this.

As I commented earlier to FOME, PerBang.dk calls Sunset’s human skin tone “light amber” and her unicorn coat color “brilliant amber”, so there’s that.


Which makes me think that using the actual robust orange coat color for people skin was perhaps more unsettling than it was worth.

Most characters’ human skin tones tend to be lighter than their pony versions’/counterparts’ coat colors, from what I can tell. Further deponent sayeth not.

Author Interviewer

Actually, you have a really valid point there.

I am but a dumb light-orange man. :B

I wasn't expecting an existential crisis today, FoME. :rainbowderp:

And thus the war began.

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