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Cherry Bomb 2 · 5:40pm Aug 11th, 2020

”You made me my own gear?”

”Hell yeah! Captain Blueballs and his sidekick, Cherry Bomb!”

”I... t-thank you...”

(Pentagon looks in awe as Oculus hands him a cherry red version of his own uniform...)

”...But... are you sure you’re gonna be able to... you know, fight?”

”Oh, don’t worry about me. I’ll be—“

(Oculus winces as everything warps again...)


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Comments ( 14 )

Is Cherry Bomb gonna explode himself like the cherry bomb in PvZ?

I'm not so sure Oculus is gonna be okay...also, what does he think of the superhero name "Captian Blue Bomb" instead of balls? To match with "Cherry Bomb"?

Of course not. He only does that on the weekends.

What’s wrong with balls?

Just wondering, because then he and Pentagon would match

Well, Oculus would disagree with that first notion. And for the second, he would definitely deny it.

Who ever uses the term “Blue Bomb” though?

Fair point
Alright then. But I'm pretty sure Oculus isn't going to be okay

Pentagon isn’t so sure either.

Yeah. Hopefully he'll keep an eye on Oculus

Oh, he will be. And for more than one reason, of course.

Heh, okay. As long as he can watch over him

Ah, I see. Should I assume Oculus is there also or is included in some way?

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