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    No one:

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Seen · 2:22am Aug 11th, 2020


(Oculus sits up from his bed, looking at the changeling in the doorway...)


“...Heh. H-Hi, um... h-how are you?”

”Fine. I mean, I’m not dead, so... that’s definitely a difference.”

”T-That’s... good.”

”No. ...No, it’s not.”

”Woah... w-what happened? A-And why are you turning purple?”

(Pentagon moves forward to touch Oculus’ ever glowing horn, but Oculus lunges forward and smacks his hoof away...)

No... touching!

(Oculus’ ears start to bleed...)

“Oculus! Oculus, calm down, you’re bleeding!”

(Oculus sighs, eventually turning back to normal...)


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Comments ( 8 )

There it was again.

And Pentagon has now seen Oculus...his reaction was the least freaked out, I think...that's good

Mhm. Spiraling out of control.

Yeah. Since Pentagon is at least a little bit mentally unstable, I think he understands.

Yeah...though he did get scared when Oculus started bleeding, though that can be dismissed as not knowing the full story yet

Not wrong about that one.

Yeah. Wonder what his reaction to the D's will be like...

Yeah, heheh. He’d probably be dumbfounded at the sight of two more Oculuses.

Yeah. Looking forward to seeing his reaction to them

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