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Cherry Bomb · 11:58pm Aug 10th, 2020

”Wait... she... she did what?!

”Pentagon, we know what she did, but... I’ve forgiven her.”

”No! Why the hell would you do that, I mean... I mean, she... she...”


”Look, as much as I hate it, Ocellus has forgiven her or whatever, and she’s moving in.”

”I’ve... kind of forgiven her. Not a lot, but...”

”Ocellus, he’s your boyfriend! You should be wanting to rip the ears off this bitch!”

(Hikari winces...)

”Pentagon, enough!”

(Everyone goes quiet...)

”She is moving in. That is final.”

Comments ( 11 )

Ooh...something tells me Pentagon's gonna be one of those roommates that hates you for a weird inexplicable reason. Only difference being that we know the reason

:rainbowlaugh: Perfect title. 🍒💣

But yeah, just as I expected, Pentagon is pissed.

And when he’s pissed at someone who hurt the changeling he used to endlessly torment, that’s saying something.

Mhm. It says a lot.

Heheh, yeah. I wonder how he’ll react to seeing Oculus, since he hasn’t seen him yet

He'll probably be very shocked. Especially when he sees the Damien and Demitri

Heheh. I’m thinking he’d like Demitri the most.

Heh, is it because he's the red one?

Demitri’s the blue one. Damien’s the red.

Ah. Sorry, got them mixed up

That’s okay. But yeah.

Huh. I hope he gets to see Oculus soon...

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