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Light Purple · 9:24pm Aug 10th, 2020

”...I can’t believe I did this to him...”

”Yeah, well, you did. Got anything to say? Because I wanna hear it.”


(Umbra takes a hoof and strokes Passion Fruit’s head with it. Passion Fruit nuzzles him and seems to calm down...)

”Mmm, Umbra...”

”Hikari. I may forgive you, but no one else is ready yet. So either you stay here and try your best to make it up in the rare instance you may be able to, or...”

(Passion Fruit growls...)

”...Or I rip you to shreds...”

”I... okay, fine. But only because I’ve got nowhere else to go...”

”We’ll... We will have to see what Ocellus thinks about this before she moves in.”

“If that Pentagon guy doesn’t incinerate her already.”

Comments ( 17 )

Ooh, yeah, Pentagon will kill her...though it's nice to see Umbra and Passion being cute together

Wow. Passion sure is pissed...

Eh, I don’t blame him.

Heh, yeah.

Mhm. I’m surprised he’s actually refraining from mutating and mauling her.

Probably just because Umbra is there... heheh...

To which? Pentagon killing her or cuteness with Umbrion (Umbra x Passion)?


Heh... yeah. I guess he just doesn’t see the point since he’s already forgiven her.

Alright, so we have an unstable, 3 way split changeling, a chain blade user, some shadow ninja, a were-pony, and best bug all in the same house? I love it. I can already hear the friends theme playing.

So no one told you that life was gonna be this way

*eager clapping*

But I can’t wait to write how Pentagon would react.

I can’t wait to see how Pentagon reacts.

I can't wait to see it. Like: "YOU DID WHAT TO MY OCULUS?!"

This deserves a Nut Button press.


Yeah. He’s gonna flip.

Comment posted by BezierBallad deleted September 16th

Who's else would he belong too? Ocellus? Nah. Passion's just letting her borrow him.

I mean, it's been established he has a crush on him...

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