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    Weekend Break

    Writing up three chapters last week was rather draining, so to avoid burn out I'm going to take a break this weekend.

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  • Monday
    Short Hand: New Dad Shepherd 1

    Button Mash and Shepherd are playing a fighting game in the young colt's room.

    Shepherd: "Ha! Combos upon combos!"

    Button: "Urgh! Take this!"

    Shepherd: "Weak! Foalish foal! You are but the learner, I am the master."

    Console: Game Over! Player 2 wins!

    Button groans.

    Button: "How'd you do that?"

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    Short Hand: Foalsitting

    Shining: "Shepherd? I need a foalsitter."

    Shepherd: sighs "Shining, dude. Please tell me you didn't bring me all the way here to the Crystal Empire just to babysit the toddler goddess."

    Shining: "Not... Just that."

    Shepherd: "Shining-"

    Shining: "Please? You are literally the only sitter she likes! Or won't turn inside out with magic!"

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    Plot Bunny Theater: Alicorn Life Cycle

    Twilight: Teleports right into Celestia's bedroom "LUNA WHAT THE BUCK IS GOING ON?! YOU TOLD ME CELESTIA IS DEAD?! HOW?! WHY?! WHAT HAPPENED?!"

    Luna: "Oh! Hello Twilight Sparkle. Yes, our sister has died."

    A little filly alicorn with pink hair is on the bed.

    Luna: "There she is."

    Twilight: "..." Twilight .exe has failed

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  • Saturday
    Short Hand: Blue Apples 2

    Shepherd: "I mean Blueblood, there are worse ways to try and woo the one you love."

    Blueblood: "Oh?"

    Shepherd: "I mean it's not like you traveled to Sweet Apple Acres and tried to act like a hillbilly to get her favor."

    Blueblood: *laughing uncomfortably* "Of course! Alabama! What kind of fool do you think I am?"

    Princess Celestia enters, her face threatening to break into a grin.

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Short Hand: Rarity and Spike · 11:24pm August 9th

Just an older snippet I will probably repurpose for Short Hand eventually.

- - -

Spike is helping Rarity with her work. Ever since Twilight ascended and Shepherd's helped coach him through controlling his greed, he's become taller and bigger. And in many eyes, far more handsome.

Spike: "Here, this is the needle you want."

Rarity: "Oh, thank you dear... Hm?" She looked over at him more closely, and saw that he was distracted. "Spike, I need the red thread next."

Spike: "Sure." *Hands over blue*

Rarity: "... Also my mane is on fire."

Spike: "That's nice..." He wasn't looking at her. Rarity turned, and took hold of his cheeks with her hooves. She turned his face.

Rarity: "Spike... What is it?"

Spike: *blushing hard* "Ah... Well, it's... It's really... I mean it's not really my..."

Rarity: "Spiiiiike~..."

Spike: "I just... I mean, you're with Shepherd a lot so I had some... I mean... Look. Are you attracted to him?"

Rarity: "Ah?! That's a very direct question-"

Spike: "Are you?!"

Rarity: "Well... Yes, I am."

Spike: *Droops* "Oh... Well... If... I mean, if that's the case, I can just-"

Rarity: "Buuut, I'm more attracted to... Someone else. Someone I've known longer. Someone... I'm just waiting on. If he's still interested, that is... In an old mare like me... *Blush*"

Spike: "... Huh?"

Rarity: *sighs* "Someone... A bit younger and kind. And brave, and wonderful. So heroic and strong, who once up and seized me like his own..."

Spike: Dot. Dot. Dot. BING! "... I'm an idiot."

Rarity: "Eh? No darling! You're just young! You have to grow up first-Er, I mean the male I'm interested in-"

Spike: "I'm legal age by pony standards."

Rarity: "..." *Kisses him* "Mmmm... Waiting's over!"

Spike: "I-Wow... Wow... Wow..."

Rarity: *Nudges him* "This is the part where you carry me off to have your way with me, dearie~."

Spike: "YES MA'AM!"


Twilight: "I... You...!"

Rarity stands before her, pregnant, with Spike next to her. Both are blushing and smiling.

Twilight: "... How...?"

Shepherd: "I'm curious too."

Spike: "Uhhh... Apparently magic?"

Twilight: "That's not an answer!"

Shepherd: "Says the alicorn princess of magic."

Twilight: "GAH!"

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Comments ( 8 )

hehe I stil find this funny

So Rarity isn’t going to end up married to Shepherd like the ending to The Star Revolt! said?

Comment posted by Write Pillar deleted August 9th

I adore the idea of Spike learning to control and use his Greed in positive ways. In a story I was going to write at some point, a sequel to my fic Finding Your Place, I was going to establish that yes, a dragon's size is tied to the size of their horde, and the more they collect, the bigger they get. But Spike's mindset is very different: he doesn't grow so he can acquire more stuff, but so he can better protect what he already has.

And since Spike had subconsciously claimed Ponyville and its residents as his hoard, the bigger the town gets, the bigger he gets.

Official headcanon now.

Rarity: "Eh? No darling! You're just young! You have to grow up first-Er, I mean the male I'm interested in-"

Spike: "I'm legal age by pony standards."

Rarity: "..." *Kisses him* "Mmmm... Waiting's over!"

:rainbowlaugh: Rarity is a mare who knows what she wants!

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