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  • Wednesday
    Weekend Break

    Writing up three chapters last week was rather draining, so to avoid burn out I'm going to take a break this weekend.

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  • 6 days
    Short Hand: New Dad Shepherd 1

    Button Mash and Shepherd are playing a fighting game in the young colt's room.

    Shepherd: "Ha! Combos upon combos!"

    Button: "Urgh! Take this!"

    Shepherd: "Weak! Foalish foal! You are but the learner, I am the master."

    Console: Game Over! Player 2 wins!

    Button groans.

    Button: "How'd you do that?"

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  • 1 week
    Short Hand: Foalsitting

    Shining: "Shepherd? I need a foalsitter."

    Shepherd: sighs "Shining, dude. Please tell me you didn't bring me all the way here to the Crystal Empire just to babysit the toddler goddess."

    Shining: "Not... Just that."

    Shepherd: "Shining-"

    Shining: "Please? You are literally the only sitter she likes! Or won't turn inside out with magic!"

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  • 1 week
    Plot Bunny Theater: Alicorn Life Cycle

    Twilight: Teleports right into Celestia's bedroom "LUNA WHAT THE BUCK IS GOING ON?! YOU TOLD ME CELESTIA IS DEAD?! HOW?! WHY?! WHAT HAPPENED?!"

    Luna: "Oh! Hello Twilight Sparkle. Yes, our sister has died."

    A little filly alicorn with pink hair is on the bed.

    Luna: "There she is."

    Twilight: "..." Twilight .exe has failed

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  • 1 week
    Short Hand: Blue Apples 2

    Shepherd: "I mean Blueblood, there are worse ways to try and woo the one you love."

    Blueblood: "Oh?"

    Shepherd: "I mean it's not like you traveled to Sweet Apple Acres and tried to act like a hillbilly to get her favor."

    Blueblood: *laughing uncomfortably* "Of course! Alabama! What kind of fool do you think I am?"

    Princess Celestia enters, her face threatening to break into a grin.

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Short Hand: Missed Opportunity · 1:45pm August 9th

Shepherd is fixing some plumbing in Rarity's shop while Twilight and Rarity work on a dress, with Spike hoping accessories up.

Rarity: "Darling, something just occurred to me. You were in Canterlot when dear Shepherd was discovered, were you not?"

Twilight: "Oh, I was!"

Rarity: "Then how did you and Spike never meet him?"

Twilight: "Ah... Well..."


The Royal Canterlot Library. Twilight Sparkle is studying intensely with Spike frantically carrying books to and fro. Blueblood enters with Shepherd along.

Blueblood: "And this is Auntie's personal library. And that is Auntie's apprentice, Twilight Sparkle. With her assistant, Spike.... Hello Twilight!"

Twilight: "Hello Blueblood."

Spike: Unable to see behind his pile of books, he waves awkwardly "Hello!"

Celestia: "This is Andrew Shepherd, he is a visitor from another planet."

Twilight: "That's very nice and I'm glad to meet you. Forgive me but I have a lot of work to do so... Please go away."

Blueblood: "Gladly."

Shepherd: "Well, hang on, what are you studying?"

Twilight: "Important things that I can't bother to explain to anypony right now. Sorry. Please go away."

Shepherd: "Okay...? Nice meeting you, I guess."

Blueblood led Shepherd out, shaking his head.

Blueblood: dryly "Charming, isn't she?

Shepherd: "She's all set up to be Madam Pince, complete with empty house full of cats... Or dragons, I guess."

Blueblood: "I don't get that reference but Pince seems to sum it up nicely. Anyway, I'll show you my office. I have several interesting books on Equestrian history and politics that won't bore you to death like most of the volumes that prissy nag has."

Shepherd: "Does it include how to use weather as a weapon?"

Blueblood: "Several volumes of it! I also have whiskey."

Shepherd: "Bitchin', let's go."

In the present...

Twilight: "Oh my gosh! Shepherd, I'm so sorry! I was so rude-!"

Shepherd: "I called you Madame Pince! I'm sorry!"

Rarity: "Now now, what's done is done." ahem "Though of course, had Twilight properly met Shepherd, all of this romantic competition may not have popped up at all and everything would be smooth sailing between you two!"

Shepherd: "Come on Rarity!"

Spike: "And maybe Twilight could have gotten laid and stopped spazzing out for five seconds."

Twilight: "I DO NOT SPAZZ! And-And I'm not cursing how I was! I just regret it! A lot! Although I could research a time spell and alter the-"

Shepherd: sighs, pulls Twilight into his lap, and begins to massage and cuddle her "You had to give her ideas."

Rarity: "She needed to relax, desperately."

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Comments ( 5 )

You double posted this.

So Shepherd was sorta-friends with Blueblood? I actually like that. Even now it's so rare to see Blueblood presented as anything other than a total useless jerk. Heck in the comics he was at least a competent diplomat.

Agreed. It's refreshing to see BB as something other than a useless tool.

Yea, it's kinda fun to see a chill blueblood.

Though I've seen some fics make the very compelling argument that Blueblood just acts like a twit to obvious gold diggers. And, you know, Rarity definitely fell under that category in the Gala episode :ajbemused:

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