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    What is Summer without a bit of celebration? [NSFW-ish CONTENT AHEAD!]

    Soooo, there is this awesome little thing known as the Summer Sin Celebration (link leads to group page)

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    My Stories

    It's common belief that I have abandoned a select set of stories but I want to point out that this is not true. I had some ideas that required me to put a few things on hold and I am slowly working my way towards them and will be more than happy to release more when things are well and ready. Sadly this may take quite a bit more time and I don't want to spoil things as I have been working on this

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    So about that story(MATURE)

    So the clop story is coming along well but I have one issue I have to decide.

    First Person?


    Third Person?

    Story is Human X Pony and Pony X Pony, etc etc. There will be multiple chapters and an ongoing plot. Will mostly follow the point of view of the main characters

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    Shameless story on the way

    Shameless clop story for the sake of clop but with story elements because ideas refuse to leave my brain alone and the more things I write the more ideas I get and the further my other stories go.


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  • 112 weeks

    Dunno what came over me but I decided to go ahead and post the next update for Discovering Friendship. I had intended to do more with the chapter but ended up just focusing on one thing instead. I'm still happy with how it turned out and it leads into a few things I want to expand on in the story anyway. Especially when it comes to a few specific characters.

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The day has come · 4:00am Aug 9th, 2020

"You know boss...you know pretty much everything about all of us, but we never got your story. Heck, we barely even know you." Vinyl sighed. Spike looked up from his map, hesitating before leaning back in his chair.

"You really wanna know about me Vinyl? Why a Dragon-kin is in Celamont of all places?" he asked softly.

"To be honest, yea, I do."

"I'm curious as well. As far as I knew, all the beast-kin refused to leave Beast Country and are on shaky ground with the Princess. Well, Princess' now." Spitfire tossed in.

"To tell the truth. I dunno how I got here. The most I remember was being hungry and cold..."

I am finally going to start posting Spike's story. From beginning to current. This is not a family friendly story. This is by no means a happy story, but neither is it a sad one. Life is full of ups and downs and Spike's life is no different. He will experience life, love, and hardship. He will experience joy, and...he will experience loss and betrayal. This will be a project that I have been putting work into behind the scenes all this time and finally it is time to reveal it.

Just who is Spike Swiftshrike?

I hope you are ready

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We have seen glimpses of the past of this knight who's lifespan might well be comparable to the Celestians.
But now?

We hear it in full.

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