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Changed · 7:04pm Aug 8th, 2020

”Hey, um... Oculus...? A-Are you... are you okay? You’ve been wearing that same tuxedo for a while, now.”

(Oculus snaps his head around in a full one-eighty, his neck seeming to crack as he turns to Ocellus...)

”Why, I’m doing just fine, my dear.”

”’My dear’? Since when did you ever... say it like that?”

(Oculus’ expression barely changed, except for two halves of his body being illuminated by red and blue as reality itself looked like it began to warp...)

”I have no idea what you mean.”

”Okay, okay, just... stop it!”

(Oculus grinned as everything went back to normal...)

”Whatever you say, Ocellus. Toodleoo!”

(He lifted his chin as he walked off. Ocellus has never seen him as smug, or... as classy before. It creeps her out...)

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Comments ( 10 )

Oh wow...to be fair, I'd be creeped out too


Mhm. Just wait until the others see him.

Ooh, looking forward to seeing their reactions...though it's still a little creepy...

Heh, yeah. Well, you can’t blame him, since he’s been dead for a while.

Yeah. He’s probably seen a lot.

This would creep me out a bit, if I wasn't also staring at a jelly bean dressed as a hamburger.

Heh. Looks like I did my job right.

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