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The Perfect Hot Dog (Umbra’s Very Weird Dirty Mind Test) · 4:06pm Aug 8th, 2020

”Heyyyy, Umbra... whatcha doing?”

(Instead of greeting Umbra in his usually bubbly manner, he saunters over, nuzzling Umbra’s neck and cozying up against him. Umbra thinks nothing of it as he answers...)

”Making a hot dog. Umbra got hungry and decided to postpone his vegetarian diet.”

”Ehehe~ Can I help?~”

“But... but it is just one hot dog. Why would I need help?”

”Well, there’re lots of ways to put a hot dog together. Liiiiiike...”

(Passion grabs said boiled hot dog with his magical aura, sliding it smoothly into it’s open bun. Then out. Then in, then out. Then, uh, in again...)

”...Can’t... can’t you just... put the hot dog in one time?”

”Nope. You gotta test it out and make sure it fits.

(Umbra’s cheeks tint a dark shade of blue...)

”Uhm... okay.”

”Theeeen, there’s the ketchup...”

(Passion shakes up the ketchup bottle and squirts it onto the hot dog...)

“Then the mustard...”

(Passion Fruit squirts some mustard into the hot dog as well...)


(Since the hot dog is done, Passion Fruit takes it up in his mellow yellow aura and lodges half of it in his mouth. Umbra turns completely blue as he takes a final bite out of the hot dog...)

“And that’s how you make a hot dog.”

(With that very sensual conclusion, Umbra takes a deep breath and slams his head on the table...)

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The flavor; it’s immaculate.

Heh, ironic.

Heh, someone's got a dirty mind...

Heheh. I think Passion’s just going through a werepony thing.

Yeah...still. But it's nice to see these two hanging out together. Even if it gets weird...

Yeah, you’re right. You have no idea how much fun writing this was.

Heh, I'm sure it was, it's nice to see these

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