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    Gotho Doggo Go Brr—

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    No One:

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    (After managing to free the rest of the prisoners from the containment facility, Oculus, Wasp, and Hornet escape from the building...)

    *huff* “Whew... that was... fuckin’ A... heh, I finally feel like my old self again...”

    (But that’s when Oculus’ ears burst, bleeding violently...)

    ”Oh... there it is... damn it...”

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    (Oculus continues to cough and gasp...)

    ”Morphy... C’mon, you can do it....”

    ”Ugh... I...I...”

    ”Oculus... there’s no way we’re gonna leave you here... we gotta come up with something...”

    ”Wait... Wait, I have an idea...”

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    Drake But Drake

    He’s Drake-ly Drake.


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Visage(s) · 2:35am August 8th

(The gang had been traveling down the same corridor, all ready to face the figure standing calmly at the end...)


”Why, hello there. Funny seeing you lot here.”

”Am I just seeing things? Or are there three of you...?”

”Oculus... these friends of yours look... uneducated... on the situation.”

”High and mighty Demitri, always got somethin’ to say...”

”At least I can keep my head level, Damien.”

”Quiet, you two. Control yourselves... or I’ll be forced to do something I don’t want to do...”

”Oh, please. Merging now is the least of our worries.”

Our worries. We can’t say the same thing for everyone else...”

”Is he... talking to himself?”

”H-He’s scaring me...”

”Listen... why can’t we just meet my friends and move on...?”

”Fine. But I don’t like em’.”

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Comments ( 12 )

This should be good.

My multiple questions have now become multiple concerns.

Ooh...this is getting good

Mhm. Oculus has two split personalities. One of pure, unchecked rage, who barely thinks before he speaks, and one that likes to look at things from an academic standpoint.

Huh. Oh, like the two sides of the brain

Yeah. Except Oculus’ is more magnified to the point where if one gets angry or feels some kind of way, it gets blown out of proportion. That’s where the merging comes in.

Ah. Well, this should be interesting. The drawing's good too

Heh, thanks. Gel pens are the only things I really color with.

Well, it's really good

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