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Visage · 11:43pm August 7th

”Calm down, Passion Fruit...”

”Umbra, I can’t! Oculus was there, he... strangled me with his bloody hooves, and now I have bloody hoof prints on my neck. That’s not... that’s not something to be calm about!”

”Passion, очаровательный дурак, this is nothing to be worried about. I’ll tell you what— tonight, before you sleep, let me know, and I’ll be there with you. We can sleep together until bad dreams stop, okay?”


(Later that night, Umbra was taking an evening stroll in the forest. It was so dark that he ended up bumping into a strange figure wearing a tuxedo...)


”Aw, buck up, bud. That’s what Ocellus said the other night. Can I offer you a glass of wine?”

”No. No, I cannot. I have to find Passion Fruit. He needs me, and... it is getting late. Plus, have we not already covered that I am only seventeen?”

”We all do things we’re not supposed to do. Like die, apparently.”

(Oculus huffs...)

”I sacrifice myself to save everyone, and all I get is some changeling doctor who still doesn’t see how I’ve changed.”

”Perhaps if you would have gone over your plan with us, there would not be much of a problem, there.”

”Okay. Everyone keeps telling me what I should have done. Not the fact that I died. I guess everyone’s beyond the fact that you can’t simply reverse death with one spell. They’re just so advanced that they don’t have to feel remorse, because they can just fix it.”

”Oculus, you ran in there without thinking.”

”Just because you don’t know what I was thinking doesn’t mean you can just say that I wasn’t. That’s not how that works.”

”Well, the point is, you denied any help.”

”You did the same.”

”That’s because I was strong enough to beat her.”

“That’s only because I destroyed her vitals. Like I said, just because you don’t know what my motive was doesn’t mean I didn’t have a motive. If I can recall, you didn’t know what her vitals were and where they were located. So, unless you just luckily came across them, then...”

”Okay, okay, enough! I just... I need to know where Passion Fruit is.”

”Oh, Umbra...”

(The ground began to shake as Umbra’s surroundings started to glitch and warp. Oculus himself was illuminated by three colors, red, blue, and purple in the middle as he flashed a toothy grin...)

”This is my world. And you’re just an unlucky traveler...”

(Umbra’s vision began to falter and blur. Oculus’ whole figure turned a transparent violet, and his teeth were illuminated by red and blue...)

(Umbra shouted loudly in fear, grasping the now awake Passion Fruit in his arms...)

”Umbra...? Umbra?! Umbra, what’s wrong?!”

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Comments ( 19 )

Poor Umbra...

Yeah... him and Oculus both.


Yeah...I feel so bad for both of them...and Passion...and Ocellus...everyone, basically. Except Hikari

Mhm. I just feel bad for Oculus the most, though. And not just because he died.

Yeah...I miss him so much!

Oh, he’ll be here... just not in the way you think...

Yeah...still...he didn't deserve to die...

Well, he didn’t deserve to die, it’s just that he already “died” once, so, uh... I guess that’s just death catching up with him.

I still miss him...

I have many questions now. I will be back. I must theorize.

Heh. Take your time.

Ok, theory time: Oculus became a angry dream walker, a type of spirit that walks dreams in the same way Luna does (cause let's be honest she can't be solving every single nightmare in Equestria alone) and is trying to prove something to us, his friends, by talking to us. What he is trying to prove is a coin toss between 'he's not stupid' or 'he has power'. Might be some third or fourth option because with Ocellus' dream they were having a semi-decently good time and then it took a full 360 degree turn with Passion Fruit's dream.

Now, he does mention Zeika being angry but I'd honestly like to see him try and 'haunt' her dreams. When working with a dreamwalking entity, it tends to lead to a being a very strong lucid dreamer, with powers that can rival Luna at times. But anyway, thats not the point, the point is he calls her "advanced" and 'my' (I put this in quotes because it take up points with the rp continuity that we made a few blog posts back and it just feels weird saying the name I share with my OC) methods of revival 'impossible' which leads me to think he believes himself to be beyond saving which is why he's doing this, to try and prove he's beyond saving and/or that he doesn't need saving when the only thing this truly does is lead us right to him.

But hey, that just a theory. A GAME THEORY. Thanks for reading.

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