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  • Today
    So... Guess Which Artist I Compared Oculus To This Time

    "...Though I must disagree with certain members of the panel-"

    "Clean ya ears out!"

    "Uh... My name's Pentagon.."

    "Can I call you hoof lickin' good?~"

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  • Today
    Gotho Doggo Go Brr—

    She’s kissing me. I think she likes it...?

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  • Today
    No One:

    My awesomely supportive friends hyping up the garbage I write:

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  • Saturday

    (After managing to free the rest of the prisoners from the containment facility, Oculus, Wasp, and Hornet escape from the building...)

    *huff* “Whew... that was... fuckin’ A... heh, I finally feel like my old self again...”

    (But that’s when Oculus’ ears burst, bleeding violently...)

    ”Oh... there it is... damn it...”

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  • Saturday

    (Oculus continues to cough and gasp...)

    ”Morphy... C’mon, you can do it....”

    ”Ugh... I...I...”

    ”Oculus... there’s no way we’re gonna leave you here... we gotta come up with something...”

    ”Wait... Wait, I have an idea...”

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Choke · 9:21pm August 7th

(Passion Fruit looked down and gasped, as he was five feet above the air and dangling against the wall. Chains led all the way up to his stomach. Bloody chains, that looked shockingly familiar...)

”I-I... Wha...”

(Passion Fruit gasped for air the moment he realized that he had lost the ability to breathe. Then, as he thought...)

”You.... why didn’t you help me?!

(Oculus... his bloody hooves pressing down on Passion’s neck and preventing his breathing. Passion was choking. He couldn’t answer...)

(Finally, he woke up. Able to breathe, and able to feel... feel the thick, red liquid hoof prints on his neck...)

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Comments ( 14 )

Yikes is right.

Geez...poor Passion...

Mhm. He must really think Oc is angry at him.

Yeah...poor thing...hopefully Umbra can help...

Yeah. Maybe by comforting him.

Yeah...or promising to stay with him until the dreams stop...

Mhm. And the end up falling asleep together, and then Umbra starts to have them...

I wanna say Passion was misinterpreting the dream, as that is a normal occurrence with missing friends/loved ones but that red liquid and lack of oxygen is hard to misinterpret. So, is Oculus a dream stalker now? Those things are cool.

Ooh, yeah...and he wakes up and cuddles against Passion for comfort...

Eh, you could say that.

Awww, heh.

Yeah...this is why they must be together

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