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    (After managing to free the rest of the prisoners from the containment facility, Oculus, Wasp, and Hornet escape from the building...)

    *huff* “Whew... that was... fuckin’ A... heh, I finally feel like my old self again...”

    (But that’s when Oculus’ ears burst, bleeding violently...)

    ”Oh... there it is... damn it...”

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    (Oculus continues to cough and gasp...)

    ”Morphy... C’mon, you can do it....”

    ”Ugh... I...I...”

    ”Oculus... there’s no way we’re gonna leave you here... we gotta come up with something...”

    ”Wait... Wait, I have an idea...”

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    Drake But Drake

    He’s Drake-ly Drake.


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Feelings · 5:05pm August 7th

(Ocellus found herself walking through a bright corridor, and it eventually led to what looked like a large ball room. It was crowded with ponies, all chatting happily, and dressed nice...

It wasn’t long before she found herself dressed in her own way, too. A layered, pink dress. Nothing too special, nothing too bland...

As she made her way further into the crowd, she spotted someone familiar. Looking down into his wine glass and swirling it fondly...)


(Oculus looked up. The entire room glitched, and suddenly everyone in it disappeared...)

”Y-You’re... you’re alive, but...”

(Ocellus looked the creature up and down. Oculus didn’t look to good, besides the fact that he was dressed in a tuxedo. He looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep in years, and there were black bags under his eyes, which were livid...)

”I’m alive, yes. Barely, but I’m still here.”

(Oculus shook his head, smiling as he offered Ocellus his hoof...)

”Sorry, sorry. Where are my manners? Yes, I’m alive. Kinda. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through just to get here.”

”...You... what?”

(The room glitched again, and suddenly, there was no ballroom. The two of them were no longer dressed, and Oculus...)


(Ocellus discovered that the hoof she was holding was soaked in blood, and when she looked up, she saw Oculus, breathing shakily, blood coming out of his mouth...)

”I tried, Celly... why can’t anyone see that?”

(Ocellus jolted awake...)

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Comments ( 12 )

Oh no...that must've been terrifying...

Yeah... I bet she really misses him.

Yeah...we all miss him...

I can see that...

Wonder what Pentagon would say about all this.

He'd probably be heartbroken...

Yeah... especially if he still had feelings for Oc.

Hmmm... Methinks Oculus be coming back soon.

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